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    Is it possible to set opt+p to behave like on Treo300, where the instead of just turning of the backlight, it brings to contrast and brightness setting screen?

    Better still if someone can create small utility to reverse the function of opt+p to address the following situation:

    Most of the time I use treo indoor and I set the brightness to lowest setting (no backlight) but when I am outside, need to change to the highest setting.

    It would be practical if there is a utility to reverse the default setting to no backlight and when opt+p is pressed, the backlight will be on.
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    To each his own.

    I prefer the backlight to be low at night, because it is so bright otherwise that it nearly blinds me when i turn it on in low-light or no-light situations.

    My strong preference would be this: an option to keep the KEYBOARD backlight on indefinitely at night. I hate when I turn on my Treo in the dark (ie, in bed, in a movie theater, etc.), and then the keyboard blacks out after 10 seconds. I have to press a key or tap on the screen to get the keyboard to light back up so I can see what buttons I want to press, only now I might have unintentionally tapped a part of the screen that activated a command I didn't want, or entered a letter i didn't want. You get the idea.

    I'm hoping mLights reads these types of posts and puts together an app that will allow all of our preferences to be mixed an matched into our personal favorite configurations.

    Go Bengals!
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    I'd like an app that just remembers the last setting - i.e. if it was dimmed when you turned it off, it'll be dimmed when you turn it on again, and vice versa. Opt - p is kinda of a pain (I'm lazy). On the Treo 300 you could at least double tap the power button, which was a little easier.

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