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    Anyone ever had a cluster of yellow pixels on their 270? Mine's a good few years old now and gets pretty heavy use. Over the last few days I've noticed a small, but growing, cluster of yellow pixels in the bottom right hand corner. I would say they were dead, but they are definitely still alive; they just light up yellow. Originally it was about 10, now it's up to 40ish.

    Is the screen dying and if so, can I fix it? I've searched the board but no-one seems to have come across this issue before.


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    I also have a small blob of yellow pixels on my screen. However, it happened to me after I dropped my Treo.

    It has grown somewhat since I dropped my Treo. I assummed there was nothing that could be done about it.
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    I think they're fried pixels. I was driving with mine in my passenger set and the sun actually burned off a portion of the color. The spot has grown quite a bit. Kinda waiting to make sure the 600 is worh it.
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    I had exactly this problem with my 270. Started immediately after I used an alcohol-based screen wipe (watch out!) which I think got alcohol sucked under the screen by capilliary (?) action.

    As with yours it didn't get better (grew in size) and I eventually had the 270 replaced under warranty.

    I doubt there's a fix beyond replacing the 270...

    to jmargolis: the 600 is definetely worth it IMHO. It's in a different quality construction and reliability wise to the 270 as well as having the extra features and improved form factor. Phone seems to pick up a stronger signal/work better too. Camera is poor but better than nothing. The 270 was functional but feels like a cheap toy in comparison with the 600.
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    Just wondering... has anyone ever confirmed this sunburn thing? Anyone who has opened his Treo before or who knows a something about LCD screens?

    It's just that it seems a bit odd that mere sunlight or alcohol can cause an area of the screen to die... what about other possible causes that are also plausible? For example, I've read other reports where lines of dead or dark pixels on the 270's screen dissapeared after loosening the screws on the back a little. If I'm not mistaken, this was an issue with the screen's connector.

    I don't know how the Treo's screen is connected, but LCDs usually have a thin connector foil attached to them.
    What if instead of sunburn it was just that the heat caused such a connector to become loose or slide a little? And what if instead of alcohol filtering through the screen, it leaked into the connector and loosened it?

    Well, just a thought. I don't even have a 270, but I was wondering if anyone ever tried a different approach for this.

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    I too have a yellow blob which appeared today on my Treo 270 - about 1/2 inch across. I have used no alcohol on it or left it in the sun. It has just been in my pocket. The body seems very flexible and if you squeeze it either side of the screen you get dark blobs on the screen.
    I bought it new on ebay recently to replace my 180 on which the speaker stopped working.

    Great machines when they work which is not for very long.
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