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    "mines" documented on another thread that you can switch the radio mode by typing in the corresponding ## command followed by DIAL:

    ##727 (PCS) switches to PCS only mode
    ##2362 (CDMA) switches to CDMA only mode
    ##3825 (DUAL) switches to dual mode

    My Treo 600 is flashed with a Verizon PRL so it'll connect to a verizon tower by default. However, I can foce it to connect to a Sprint tower by punching in ##727
    My phone will show that it's roaming.
    Dialing both *2 and ##33284 (DEBUG) confirms that I'm on Sprint's tower.

    However, I wasn't able to force the radio to switch back to verizon's tower by typing in ##2362. It will only switch back when I force it to dual mode (##3825). Maybe ##CDMA is not implemented on the Treo 600? That would be a bummer if it's not implemented because this is the answer for you Sprint users.

    Maybe You can put on a Verizon PRL and force it to work in PCS mode all the time...which most likely it will be connecting to Sprint towers. I don't know who else Verizon has PCS roaming agreements with beside Sprint. Only when you want to use a Verizon tower, then switch it to dual mode (or cdma if it works for your phone).
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    I had a i330 that could digital roam at will. The way it worked oddly enough was when I selected "Sprint only" in roaming prefs it would stay on Sprint only, if i selected "Automatic" it would right away force to digital roam (but the screen would not display it, only 611 would confirm it), and if i selected "analog only" it would use Cingular analog (confirmed by 611 again). The reason I attribute this to is, somehow the PRL got erased. When I would do ##786, it would say "Default PRL" instead of "PRL 10020". I don't know how I did it, but I sent back my i330 when I got my Treo so I no longer have it in my possession.

    I almost fell over backwards in excitement when I saw your post, but I tried and it does not work at all for me. No matter which selection I make, it always stays with Sprint. ##DEBUG confirms this. Thank you for the info though!


    P.S.: so the pot is up to $350!
    My Treo: Treo 650, Sprint CDMA. SW: 1.08, HW: A.
    My Plan: $105/mo for 2000 AT, Unlimited N&W starting at 7pm, Unlimited PCS to PCS, No Roaming Charges in the U.S., Unlimited PCS Vision, Unlimited SMS & PictureMail.
    My Stats: Using an average of 50MB of PCS Vision per month. 2,500+ photos in my PCS PictureMail account. Had a Treo 600 since 10/24/03, switched to a Treo 650 on 1/5/05.
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    Ya I tried the ## codes and no dice......

    Thanks for the info though....

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    Yes! I need a roam only feature for certain areas! When I am at work, it is the only thing that the phone can find, and I only want it for the phone connection! It only finds it everyonce in awhile for some reason. I will throw in 100.00 to this pot! Anybody else?
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    Here's another $50 for the pot.
    myline = Treo650 w/SprintPCS
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    That's $500 in the pot.

    Come on, it HAS to be possible!!!!!
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    Well, worst comes to worst. Any GOOD "power" antenna boosters out there for the Treo 600 to use? I havent been able to find much on this subject. It will have to be for inside a building, NOT in a car or on foot.

    But I would REALLY prefer the program, because I can see that the antenna way is gonna be a pain.
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    I'm just gonna bump this threat as I recently was asked about a solution like this by a client of mine. To repeat the question - was there ever a program created to force the T600 (Sprint) on to roaming for digital calls? Just curious...
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    No.. and there's like $500+ in the pot too!
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