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    Ok, I am new to this so bear with me.

    I am coming back to a Palm from a PPC Ipaq 2215 to the Treo 600. With PPC devices I could use JSJSJS $Landscape$ $or$ $Nyditot$ $to$ $change$ $the$ $low$ $resolutions$ $using$ $virtual$ $resolutions$. $I$ $have$ $spent$ $the$ $past$ $several$ $hours$ $searching$ $for$ $something$ $similar$ $to$ $this$ $on$ $a$ $Palm$ $based$ $Treo$. $Is$ $there$ $any$ $software$ $our$ $there$ $that$ $can$ $do$ $this$?
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    To this day, I don't know of any software which would improve resolution of your screen, especially the Treo 600's. Handspring stated that the low res. was to allocate more battery life for the phone. I abuse this baby a lot and that's just not with phone calls alone. If I'm lucky, I won't have to use a charger for 2 days max. The manual says that the battery life lasts longer if you "top off" the battery frequently rather than draining it completely than recharging. Whatever, high res or low res, I'm sure a 320 x 320 screen is in the works as we speak, which would mean you would have to buy yet ANOTHER unit.
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