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    Well when I got myne it looked like there was cheeck grease on it but it wouldnt come off.. I was talking to a buddy and he said his had it too... You really have to look closely but you'll see it.. I think you will unless me and him are unlucky!
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    mine comes off really easily, although mine usually isn't "cheek grease" moreso it's fingerprints and greasy fingers (i hate the stylus, always use my thumbnail). Try getting the little wipes for LCD computer monitors, those work really well for my laptop when certain marks don't come off easily.
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    see no matter what its there. it may be normal but its not from me its the screen. anyone else have this problem.
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    Hint on using the phone to avoid the dreaded "cheek grease" - hold the phone away from your face. Place the speaker up against your ear, but then tilt the lower part away from your face. Works fine for me.

    The other solution is to slap a screen protector on your face.
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    Ever since I installed a Boxwave screen protector and egrips, I've had far less of a grease problem, be it from cheeks or from fingers. The glass screen seemed to attract grease. The Boxwave doesn't. In fact, I don't think I've cleaned the screen once since I installed the screen protector.
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    the thing is.. its always there... no matter what.. when I first bought it it sorda looked like cheek grease.. not really.. but does anyone know what I mean?
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    If this is the same problem I reported about a month ago, and I think it is, it's not grease but a "Fogging" problem of the screen

    Sprint replaced my original unit

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