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    i'd like to buy the Handspring headphone adapter from a retail (i.e. walk-in) store. anyone know where i can get it? i've gone to several Sprint/cellular stores, but none carry it. i also don't want to get the Radio Shack adapter that requires that i carve part of the rubber off.


    oh yeah, i'm in the NYC area.
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    It would be helpful to know the city & state you are in.

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    Deleted by member. sorry for the duplicate post. Ugh
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    sorry for duplicate post. I pressed submit once, and it posted 3 times. BLAH.
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    I have same question. And I am in Seattle, WA.

    Thank you,

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    The reason I asked is because we have them in our Dallas, TX store. As far as I know, Sprint isn't carrying them in their stores.

    The only places I can think of trying is Best Buy or or Fry's Electronics. The seem to carry more accessories than other stores.

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    Yeah - I'd also like to know. I lost mine on my most recent flight - I am not thrilled with the shipping and handling costs for this device. Even on Ebay it would be about $9 with shipping, even though the device costs less than half that.

    I was wondering now that other providers than Sprint offer the Treo 600, perhaps one of them would sell this headphone adapter.

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