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    i just noticed a new behavior in my gsm t600:

    when keyguard is on and the screen is off, i can switch the screen on by pressing any of the hard buttons. the device first switches to the corresponding app (phone, calendar, sms or the last used one) and then shows the "Keyguard: Press Center button to unlock" message...
    ad example, if you were in phone before the keyguard went on, you can now push sms and see your sms inbox folder (except few lines on the bottom, covered by the keyguard message). of course if you don't press the center button the screen goes off in few seconds.

    is this really new or weird how it looks to me? i remember i could only press the power button on top or the screen button on the right, in order to switch the screen on. any pression on the other hard buttons didn't have any effect.

    any hint?
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    This is normal operation, dont see anything that would change it.
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    this is the way it has always worked for me.
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