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    I am wondering if I should do this or not, I donít want the card popping out in my pocket, and I donít want to lose it. Will filing off a few millimeters form the top ruin the card?

    Anyone done this yet?
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    Just use some scotch tape to make it stay in better. I do that and it works just fine. I'm a bit weary of filing it down just yet.
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    and I think i'll still make it pop out if i touch it wrong...
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    Do a search through the forum. I remember reading somewhere about a couple of guys that filed and sanded their cards flush with no ill effects. I use a Covertec case and the top strap keeps my card safe.

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    Are you nuts?!?! What are you smoking?!?!

    blah blah put some tape there! geez!

    with that thinking of filing your memory card down to size you might as well file your antenna off since that's PRETTY BULKY TOO AND GETS IN MY EAR

    yeah the keyboard is sticking out too! trim those down to size!!

    ~(_8(|) ---doh

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    we dont need that kind of help here so buzz off.
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    a) do a search of the forums to see a *long* thread where multiple people have done this with no ill effect

    b) I just accomplished this with a SANdisk 256MB card and it worked fine. A sharp xacto knife does the trick to slice off enough of the end just so you can see inside the casing. Once there you'll notice that the actual PCB is about an 1/8 of an inch down. You can slice off the case up until the just short of the PCB. I used a little non-conductive epoxy (the same type of "goop" used to fix tennis shoes) to fill in the hollow space. Then picked up a black paint pen from Michael's to make the color closer to the phone. Took me more time to get the paint pen than to perform the fix itself.

    c) if you can't contibute anything useful to the forum go bother someone else on a different site; discussion boards are supposed to create communities of mutual interest for mutual enjoyment.
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    I filed mine down slightly. I now it stays put and is flush with the top of the phone. I was sick and tired of the card constantly being pushed out accidently. No regrets here.

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    well you guys inspired me. i've thought about doing it and after reading this thread - carpe diem.

    I just sanded it down flush. works fine and no more pop outs.
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    I am gona do it, just need to get some sand paper
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    No tape, just a flush SD card.

    thanks for the post's!

    Too bad that wont work with the SD Bluetooth Card, but that wont run on OS 5 until palm writes some new drivers anyway.
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    I used my wife's emory board/sponge thing that has 4 different types of sand paper, got my 256MB down nice and close to flush and then hit it with a black Sharpie to finish it off.

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    I did it with a Panasonic 256M 10X card.

    Used a "Dremel" tool (hi speed hand held grinder). Ground it down to shape, then polished it with another tool.

    Fits perfectly, never pops out, was a good idea (for a change).

    On the Panasonic card, grinding it down does not open up a "slit" in the top.

    Bill S
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    SanDisk Card filed down with no probelems (and no slits to fill) - worked like a charm
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    I also used a Dremel tool to "shave a little off the top" of my Lexar SD card. Now the card sits flush inside it's slot and doesn't accidentially pop out. It was a minor annoyance that became a pain..... and now it's GONE! The Dremel tool made it a breeze to make this slight adjustment.
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    Originally posted by jcook123
    SanDisk Card filed down with no probelems (and no slits to fill) - worked like a charm
    actually if you file it down a little too much you will get a small slit. guess how i know?
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    Really don't understand this. My Sandisk card has never popped out accidentally in 3 months use. I would be in the maxi user category, but do not use a case(just use as a pocket rocket). Is my 600 defective in a positive way?
    What is hitting the card for you people that have this problem?
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    Sandpaper, files, Dremel tool, tape! you people are nuts! I can't believe that the SD Card think bothers you that much. I've had my 600 for over two months now and it's popped out maybe three or four times. It's mostly about the user. If you handle the 600 with care and watch what your doing, this want happen.
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    I think I'll use the alternate approach - build up the treo around the slot with bondo.
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    normally i'd be the first to attempt somethin alike, but i somehow think it affects warranty. And since my last MMC card broke after only 6 months of use i think i'll pass on this one.
    btw what do you do to your phone so that it can pop out ? I keep mine in my pocket (levi's 501 case ) and it doesn't pop out.
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