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    Has anyone done the filing thing with a Kingston card? If so, does a slit open up?
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    I shaved a SanDisk 256 ($89 at a local computer super-store -- too much, but I didn't want to wait) w/ an exacto. I revealed openings on the top. How would anyone recomend sealing the slits? I am guessing a lucky raindrop could do some real damage (yes, I know I shouldn't be getting the treo wet, but I am going to answer the phone in the rain).
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    deleted double post
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    Originally posted by lovedatreo
    anyway, i just dont see the possibility of this being a problem.
    Neither did I, until I lost my 256 mb card last week. Vaguely remember it popping out, but when I'm busy I forget everything and ignore what I consider non-essential (reason i need a palm). Unfortunately, now I'll have to order another one and another $65. And on top of that I think I was first to suggest sanding down card, grrrr . . . shoulda listened to myself
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    I took an Emery Board and carefully sanded and sculpted my Kingston 512 card down to match the profile on top of my Treo 600.

    I left just a tiny little fraction of it still stick up so I can get a finger nail on it to push it in and out.

    I also used the finer sanding side of the Emery Board to polish the top of the card.

    I did not open up a crack in the top of the card.

    It really did the trick !!!

    Thanks for reading and see you out there !

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    you should be able to use any non-conducting glue; I had some of that goop for fixing tennis shoes laying around and used a little of it with a toothpick....when it started to dry I wet my finger and smoothed it fine...
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    Used it sparingly and then hairdryer to avoid the glue vapor eating away at the circuit board inside.

    Followed it up with a black sharpie and it looks great!
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    I have 3 SD cards that I use. Two SanDisk 256MB, one Kingston (512MB). There are differences in the way these cards seat and some stick out farther than the others. The Kingston clearly extends out farther and has caused the annoying auto pop-out when one of the two SanDisks sit almost flush. The other SanDisk extends slightly farther out. This could explain why some do not experience the problem and cannot understand why others are annoyed by it.
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    Not to mention grinding away on your SD card will throw away your warranty !
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    filed down the SD but it still poped out if I touched the top So I took a Write Rite sheet and trimmed it down an it works perfect the Write Rite covers and protects and works much better than scotch tape.

    my 12 cents (adjusted for inflation)
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    I filed down my Lexar 256 SD card using the spacer as a template and some course and fine sandpaper -- no slit, and no problems. The Lexar's dark color blends in nicely with my Sprint CDMA model (which is why I picked it up in the first place!).

    Your mileage, of course, may vary.
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    I sanded the Kingston 512mb card down. It was an ugly blue, so I used a permanent marker to make it black. Looks good, and doesnt pop out. Before I got it, I was planning on leaving it like it was, until the damn thing kept popping out left and right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PitbuLL
    normally i'd be the first to attempt somethin alike, but i somehow think it affects warranty. And since my last MMC card broke after only 6 months of use i think i'll pass on this one.
    btw what do you do to your phone so that it can pop out ? I keep mine in my pocket (levi's 501 case ) and it doesn't pop out.
    that didn't occur to me. what's the warranty length on these cards?

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    I have a Sandisk 256MB card and I filed down both ends of the card and now it fits into the T600 perfectly. By doing both ends of the card, I did not have to get ot the point of opening up a seam.

    Thanks to all for trying this before me.
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    You mean you filed down the CONTACT end also? I see there's extra plastic down there - I just would have never thought of filing that end - would have thought the dimensions there would have mattered, etc....

    How much of that end did you remove?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Penny
    You mean you filed down the CONTACT end also? I see there's extra plastic down there - I just would have never thought of filing that end - would have thought the dimensions there would have mattered, etc....

    How much of that end did you remove?

    About 1.5mm. Came just short of the contacts.
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    Just to add my two cents, I did file it down using a dremel tool ... it works fine and it doesn't pop out. Prior to that, any slight touch (e.g., taking it out of my holster or closing the top clasp on a form fit case) would pop it out. All you have to do is take a little bit off at a atime. Very easy with a dremel.
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    i have to cards, a 32mb hp sd and a 128 viking sd card. i filed down the 32 hp with a wood file thing, it worked great. now im going to file down the 128.
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    Used a Dremel on mine also--now it fits like it should. No more memory card popping out when I place it in the cradle or in my case. Good fix.
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    I used a big ole freakin metal file - the size of my forearm, like the kind they use at contruction sites - and file the crap out of my SD card, until the top was rounded flush with the top of the Treo. Card worked great.

    Then I decided I wanted a Sandisk Ultra for that must-have extra speed. So I once again got out my big-*** metal file and grinded the bejesus out of my brand-new $130 SD card.

    Works great! No problems at all.
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