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    Love my 600, and have read all the posts about the screen backlight being on all the time.... but why?

    Is there a hardware reason why this must be? Is this not a transflective screen like other pdas out there?

    Would just be nice to turn off the light when I am outside to get a little more contrast. If the hardware is there, someone should be able to write a hack to let us control it, right?
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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    Sandman for the treo:
    I don't think that's what he's looking for. Unless I misunderstand what Sandman does (actually turns the SCREEN off), he's looking for a product that will turn off the screen's BACKLIGHT (leaving the display on) and allowing the sun (on a bright day) to reflect off the screen for viewability.

    Unlike the monochrome Palms of the past, the screen backlight on color PDA's isn't usually something that is turned off while the device is in use. I'm sure that it can be programmed to do so, but I don't know of any products that do it.
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    I had a similar question about the backlight remaining on during a call. Seems like a battery muncher. Can you set it to time out?
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    There are plenty of products with transfective screens that allow you to use backlight or no backlight when outdoors.

    I've got one right in front of me: my palm m505. Display looks great outside with the backlight turned off.

    Have also seen plenty of Ipaq/HP pdas with this type of display.

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