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    OK, I'm getting sick of waiting for my 2nd AC charger from Handspring. Now their site says they will not have them until January (Which we know in Handspring speak means Feb-Mar)

    Does anyone know if the sprint strores have them?

    I am a little afraid to buy one from one of the Ebay retailers because they say they are compadible with all of the Treo's and I have heard the the earlier Treo chargers can "fry" the Treo600.

    Does anyone have any other recomendations for where to get one that is verified to not "fry" my Treo600.

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    I am using my AC charger from my T300. Works fine. Mostly it's the car charges that came with the T300 that have had reported problems.
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    I just received my extra travel charger from Handspring, and the packaging states it is for 3 or 4 different Treos (including 270, 300, and 600).

    It is actually a Motorola charger, and looks suspiciously similar to the charger that came with my old Motorola Vader phone (I will dig it up and confirm if they are one and the same).
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    Check ebay.. lots of Treo 600 accessories for 1/3 the handspring price
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    You might also consider getting a miniSync from Boxwave. - I have one - for $15 it's a very cool USB sync connector that also charges the Treo. It zips up into a small travel type size, and is very strong (the website shows 2 large bricks suspended from it) I use it so much, I have put away the octopus that Handspring shipped originally.

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