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    I was in a Coach store over the weekend and saw a Handspring Treo case for $78.

    You can't buy it on the website, but I called Coach and after much searching by the CSR, she gave me the following information:

    Item #7675
    Price $78
    Colors Available - Black Only

    I think it is made to fit any treo, meaning it was wide enough for the Treo 180/270/300, but it did fit my Treo 600 with a bit of leeway on either side.

    There wasn't a slot on the bottom for cable access, but similar to the in-box Handspring Treo 600 case, there was enough leeway on the bottom "sides" and case height that if you plugged in a headset, the headset cable could come out through the "hole" on either side.

    So it was basically a very nice leather version of the Handspring Treo standard case with a flap over the top that snapped. It also had a belt clip on the back with a metal D-Ring that you could attach a lanyard to.

    Has anyone else seen this? Is this a new case or one that was made originally for the 180/270/300?
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    You should have taken a picture of it with your Treo.

    I haven't seen it.
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    they made one that fit the t300 and i'm guessing the one you're referring to is that one. it looked just like the brookstone leather case, but nicer.
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    can you post a picture of the Coach case please?

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