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    I did some looking aroud, and all i could find as a background program was backdrops GC, which isn't compatible with the treo 600.
    Any program i missed, or anybody willing to program something that will allow me to put a background in stead of the boring white background.

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    nobody feeling the urge to get a background on their treo ?????
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    many of the 3rd party launchers, such as zlauncher and silverscreen allow for backgrounds.
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    mhhh ... guess i'll have to have a look at that.. But i'm kinda happy with the one i have.

    Is there any launcher out there that allows for keyboard commands and a very sober screen ?
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    Try ZLauncher from ZZTechs.
    I'm using it as I type this and the backgrounds are simple 160160 bmp images which you can convert any jpg into using graphics editing software.
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    For my 2 cents SILVERSCREEN is great for backgrounds.
    Once you have SS you just get a favorite pic' make it 160X160 pix
    in size send it over as a gif file and you got it. Several SS
    Themes available.
    Only negative is that I think it's a little pricey.. ( for Christmas
    till New Years its $20). I bought it a few years ago and always
    got free upgrades. Does more than backgrounds too. see
    their web site.

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    Should have said..
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    trying it now ... not that i mean to be picky but isn't there any program that can put a background on the screen without the added bulk of a launcher ?

    edit : Silverscreen looks cool, but there's just too much bulk for my liking. guess i'll have to look further (or try and brush up on my programming skills)
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