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    One week into using my wonderful new Treo 600, I find that pressing a button to pull up an application or shift from one thing to another on the Treo now causes an unusual delay (2 seconds, or so, as opposed to near-instantaneous before). Further, the delay will sometimes be accompanied by a low rattle clearly generated by the sound card or chip in there. It sounds very much like a soft woodpecker.

    I'm hoping these are momentary problems that won't get worse, and that will go away. If anyone has any advice for me -- or knows of this problem or a fix -- it would be greatly appreciated by my peace of mind if you would post a response.

    Thanks. --David
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    I had this before but had no idea what it was. I did soft reset and uninstalled a whole bunch of's better now, but I'd like to know what specifically caused this.
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    They probably accidentally gave you a bomb disguised as a Treo rather than, well, a Treo.

    Seriously though, that doesnt sound good, I'd try a hard reset and install only the necessary apps, and see if that helps. However, this sounds bad and might need a replacement altogether.
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    Update on the bug (if that's what it is):

    By doing a soft reset, as chuhsi did, the problem was for now solved. I had only loaded one new app in, and left it there. Because the machine seems to work fine now, I don't think it has anything to do with the additional new application.

    Thanks for the tip, Chuhsi. Let's hope this isn't a recurring problem.

    David G.
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    I had the problem in the begining too, I made a hard reset, and put in only 1 program per day. Looks like I still didn't get to the one that caused it... :-)

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