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    So, I read a thread last night on using the Treo as a laptop replacement, and I have a few questions for those of you who might be so using it.

    First, I've heard a lot about various ways to access one's home or office computer with the Treo over the Internet. I have a broadband connection at home, which appears to be a prerequisite, but it has a cable modem that utilizes dynamic IP. Is it necessary to have a static IP to use the various programs out there that claim to be able to let you access your home computer? If not, what is the best program to use to gain access to files that might be resident on my home hard drive. It seems that Palm OS is not very transparent when it comes even to searching through its own resident filed (i.e., the application launcher is just an application launcher; you have to use the actual application the file is read by, like Documents to Go, to see what documents are actually on the Treo). Is there an app that will let me browse through my hard drive (or my "my documents" folder) and click on a file to download it to the Treo and launch the appropriate application?

    I know this is probably an irrational hope, but is there a such thing as a DOS emulator for Palm OS that will let me load DOS programs (which are usually smaller than Windows programs and thus easier to get on the Palm) on the Treo?

    And finally, I'm using Documents to Go. I'm in the position of wanting to enter a lot of data very quickly into a document. Thus, I've ordered the Handspring external keyboard (and am muddling through with the perfectly awful Targus IR keyboard in the meantime). Docs to Go, however, appears not to support macros. Does anyone know of a Palm OS suite that does?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance the users of the most useful forum on the most useful device can offer!
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    WRT your first question...

    basically, it is a program that allows you to utilize a dynamic ip connection and is free. You sign up a domain name, and then let an app run on your home computer. It constantly updates the server as to the IP of your home computer and forwards all requests of the name to your computer. I've been using it in conjuction with Palm VNC to make a nice connection to the compute and utilize any application on my desktop from anywhere in Sprint Signal Range.


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