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    I dropped my 600 and it broke the volume buttons on the side. is there a way to adjust the ear speaker and other speaker button in a preferences or anywhere other than with those buttons?

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    I am having the same problem - I dropped the phone (holster was a piece of crap) and now the side volume buttons don't work.

    Does anyone know how to adjust the volume without using the side volume buttons?

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    Frickin' FINALLY. I figured it out! To adjust the phone headset volume if your volume buttons are not working: 1) Make a call 2) Use the 5-way control pad Left of Right to adjust the volume! Now, my phone is like brand new! (ALthough I'm about to ebay my Treo600 because I need fast wireless internet access for options trading while at work.)

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    You can assign 2 of the 4 hard keys to volume up and volume down with TreoGuard.

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