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    Everytime snappermail starts up, if you click the center button (of the five-way) before clicking anything else.... it will immediately throw you into a soft reset...

    I've tried it on three different phones..... happens on all of them.

    Anyone find a way to fix this?

    I'm using

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    Maybe don't do that...

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    Try upgrading to a 1.9 version.
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    yeah, old bug. upgrade it is fixed.
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    I've tried starting from the launcher, with the assigned hard button, with stylus, and a few other ways, then press the center button before anything else and get no resets. It works fine for me.
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    Marc, it's the challenge of life. Like finding out how much water the Treo 600 can handle before it totally dies. Ben


    Originally posted by mblank
    Maybe don't do that...


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