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    While trying to backup my Treo 600 to the external MMC card using both BackupMan and BackupBuddy, I've been getting error messages. On BackupMan it reads as follows:

    "A sector that was accessed is bad (0x2908)"

    I get a similar message on Backupbuddy.

    Does anyone know what this means?

    I gather this could indicated bad sectors on my external memory card. When I previously used this same card with BackupMan I had no problems. The error messages only popped up recently. When I then tried backing up using a different memory card (an SD), I don't get any error messages.

    However, when I tried to use my desktop (running XP) to check for bad sectors, XP couldn't find any.

    I've reformatted the card using both the Treo and the desktop, but the problem keeps cropping up. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find a third party software for the Treo/Palm that would format external cards.

    A search on Google reveals that this is a known problem on the Tungsten 3. Am I the first on the Treo 600? Can anyone help?
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    I can't really be the only one to have experienced this?!??
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    I get this. In fact, I believe a number of people have reported this problem with MMCs. I suspect that it is either something inherent in MMCs (maybe they can't support a single file of the size of the one created by BackupMan), or a limit in the MMC support in the Treo itself.

    My only advice is to get an SD card - they are pretty cheap - and use that. I haven't seen anyone report this problem with SD.
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    had same issue w/ Backup Buddy & Backup maan on Sd card. Disabled Backup Buddy, and will see if that clears problem.
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    I've been having the same problem using my MMC card which came with my Treo using Backupbuddy and Backupman. I guess I've just ignored them and hoped for the best. But what will happen IF I have to recover my Treo?
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    Originally posted by the phoenix
    I've been having the same problem using my MMC card which came with my Treo using Backupbuddy and Backupman. I guess I've just ignored them and hoped for the best. But what will happen IF I have to recover my Treo?
    If you are having any problems during backups, don't ignore them, as they WILL come back to bite you if you need to do a restore. As I suggested earlier, get an SD card for backups - it doesn't have to be a large one (though I would recommend getting a bigger one as they are useful for all kinds of stuff), and mine works perfectly with everything.
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    This is becoming quite a curious issue. I tried the following a couple of days ago on a whim: I did a medium/system-reset of the Treo, then a soft-reset of the Treo, and then ran BackUpMan. And it worked! One fully backed up Treo in less than 5 minutes (well, less actually)!

    Unfortunately, when I tried it again today, it didn't work. No matter how many times I medium-reset and then soft-reset the Treo, BackUpMan refuses to go beyond the 0x2908 error message.

    A couple of hours later, just as I was about to give up, I ran BackUpBuddy and that worked! Perfectly even! I then when I tried BackUpMan again on another whim, it worked!

    The question is why does BackUpMan work some times and not other times. Why is it so crancky?

    I'm still using the same 128MB MMC card and I can't seem to explain why it works sometimes and not others
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    Have you tried a different card? This sounds like a problem with the physical card. The error doesn't arise when you don't write to that sector.
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    I'm getting this error 3% into the backup using Backupman, I'm using a 32MB memory card that was supplied by Orange with the phone, it says in Card Info 32M Hitachi Multimedia Card.

    Did anyone that posted above try using an SD card instead? Did that solve the problem. If I buy an SD card, will it work with the the new Treo 650? What size would you recommend?

    Is this likely to solve the problem?
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    Silly question, is Secure Digital SD the same thing? They are amazingly cheap: would it be worth buying something like a 512MB card so I could put mp3's on it too? For most things you can never have too much memory. Can the Treo handle large memory cards? I'm planning to get the Treo 650 asap, will all SD cards work in the Treo 650 too?
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    In case anyone else is interested, I received my 256MB Kingston SD card, and can now use Backupman successfully. This would seem to confirm that it's a problem with MMC cards.

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