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    I've done a search but can't find the answer to the question which GPS devices are supporting the Treo 600.

    I only want to use the device in my car, and I'm looking for the most cost-effective solution. I can find plenty of GPS mice for less than 100 dollar and I've seen some on ebay for around 50, so that's the price range I'm currently looking at.

    I haven't selected the map software but I'm leaning towards Mapsonic if they will support the Treo 600 soon enough.

    The questions I have for the GPS device are:

    * does it matter which map software I use?
    * is there a difference between US & European GPS devices (with the current dollar/euro rate I rather buy one in the US)?
    * I'm assuming "supports Palm" is not sufficient. How can I make sure it will work with the Treo? I've seen some posts about adapting an HS serial cable, how hard is this?
    * Any devices you recommend?

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    I did some research and here is the discussion on it.

    I know you had already seen it. But I have not been able to find anything that will work better. Still researching...

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    Mapsonic is not supported, Digi-map doesn't run (issue with the serial GPS) and Mapopolis runs but with a lot of issues (many times you have to do a reset and it can runs more than 1 hour). So don't spend money at the moment.


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