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    Man o Man..... Treo 600 seems to be nothing but headaches. I checked call barring (it is off), talked to Singtel (the provider) and they confirm the line is fine and no call barring but my Treo will not let me pick up an incoming call from an unknown number.... Works fine from numbers already in the contact database or sim database.

    Singtel reset my line in an attempt to correct and the helper said this was common with the Treo.

    What is going on here... .what is the point if the phone can't receive calls. I have missed 4 important calls in the past 3 hours - Thankfully all went to my voicemail.

    Lucky I did not trade in my trusty Ericsson T39... .that's what I am now using again.

    Has anyone seen this before and do you have a solution??
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    This has been answered in another thread:

    It's to do with max number of contacts...
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