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    I know there is a lot of folks who are having trouble with PCS Vision, but I've got an error message I haven't seen anyone talking about: "Error 3000."

    It seems my Treo 600 can't even find the data network at all -- whereas other folks seem to have trouble logging into it.

    Handspring CS says that Sprint needs to handle such problems since it is a Sprint phone, but Sprint only seems to come up with solutions that involve reprogramming or "waiting for the computer system to come back up."

    I'm starting to suspect a problem with my phone (rather than the configuration).

    Anyone have any experience with technical support for the hardware?
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    I had a similar problem one night, and even the buttons seemed to be failing suddenly, on a Treo that's been flawless for 2 months of heavy use. I got errors saying I couldn't reach the network, although signal strength was high. I did a soft reset (on back of your Treo) and the problem dissappeared completely, and hasn't returned. Have you tried that?
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    Error 3000 could be indicative of a serious problem (you've probably seen this thread). On the other hand, I've had this same error a few times in different locations -- it only happened once in each place and I was able to connect to PCS Vision very soon afterwards. Being stuck between Sprint and Handspring really sucks. Sorry, duder.

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