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    Anyone hear anything about the Vaja i-Volution case? I managed to order one from their Web site before it was redesigned - when it was reported that the page was posted describing it.

    I haven't been charged yet - and haven't heard a peep from them about it's upcoming release.

    I DO, however, have an online receipt for my payment.

    I'm not sure if the page is still available, but what I saw looked amazing.
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    I am waiting on that case too! I have some picture posted here, if anyone wants to see what we are waiting for:
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    Nice! Thanks.
    Now I finally know what this looks like!
    What's it made out of?
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    All Vaja cases are made from the finest leather from Buenos Aries.
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    Thanks, that is what I thought but the pictures make the i-Volution case look like it's made of neoprene or something and not leather.
    I like it though and look forward to them making it available.
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    Originally posted by TomiJ
    All Vaja cases are made from the finest leather from Buenos Aries.
    Wow - injection molded foamed leather - that is a re-Volution. Methinks these are not leather and my first sentence was meant as a joke.......

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    Nice.... how do you attach it though, does it have a swivle or something?
    May the G4ce be with you
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    A serious question: what is the point of this cover, if it leaves the screen and the keys totally exposed all the time?

    Seems like if i put that in my pocket, that even with a boxwave screen protector, the treo will get scratched by keys, coins, etc.

    What am I missing?

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    If you want a case that covers the screen and keys then there are many options available to you (even one from Vaja). The i-Volution case is for people who want a little extra protection as well as style. I've had a Treo 180 since it came out and although I've made a point to never place it with keys or mishandle it, the casing is still scratched and worn quite badly just due to age and normal use. OK and maybe I dropped it once or twice

    I regret not having a case for it... but I wouldn't want a case that covered the screen/keys because to me that would limit the functionality of the phone and take me longer to use it.

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