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    on many different moderately graphic intensive webpages. i'll notice it'll load quickly for a while, than pause recieving data for at least 5 seconds (sometimes stalls out altogether), then slowly resumes. im in sf bay area, cing t600 on tmobile.

    has anyone set up a proxy server such as squid to speed things up?
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    I'm on Sprint and get the same behavior. I assume that the bursts we see are when an image or simple HTML is being downloaded (i.e. something that doesn't require much processing). The lag we get is due to the Treo figuring out how to render a page, and is esp. noticeable on complex ones.

    In pure file downloads I can usually get 10-12KBps (that's bytes, not bits), but for HTML pages Blazer doesn't come close. I wish palmOne/HS would rewrite the CPU intensive parts as ARMlets, assuming that's not done already.

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