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    I received this e-mail from milan recently:


    I'm working on 650 support. The problem is I don't have the 650 yet :-)

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    yaayyy. finally we received word. I really need his app. I need the simplicity. could you borrow him yours?!
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    Glad to hear you received a response. I emailed him a few questions a while back and didn't hear anything back. Figured he had given up on further development.
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    I am in contact with Milan. He has sent me a beta version of Profiles for the 650. Some of the basic features work (i.e.: simple profile changes), but there are still a few minor bugs to work out (especially on timed events). It is not my program to post, so I won't. This is Milan's baby and I will leave it for him to decide when it's ready. I think it should be soon. I promise to post more whenever I get news.

    Now that I wet your whistle for this, I have a question. While this may have been discussed earlier in this thread, there are too many pages to sift through:
    I am using Phone Technician to use MP3's as ringtones. I need a quieter volume at night so that if my phone rings, I don't jump and hit the ceiling. My phone must remain on since I also use it as my pager. Unfortunately, Profiles will not allow me to change the phone volume, since Technician overides Profiles. I really like using my MP3 during the day. I don't care if I have to use one of the built-in sounds at night, but the only way I seem to be able to do this is to turn Technician off somehow. That seems too darn inconvenient.

    Any suggestions.
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    I think the latest version of Technician has been re-written to use the Palm OS volume settings, instead of it's own. So if profiles changes the OS volume settings, it should change Technician's, too.
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    Can you guys start a new thread in the 650 forum?
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    this app looks great. does it allow a certain profile based on time of day (going to virbate only at night)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnew
    this app looks great. does it allow a certain profile based on time of day (going to virbate only at night)?

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    I tried the app and it is great. a couple of things don't seem to work correctly, maybe i'm doing something wrong or someone has a solution:

    1. on the main "Today" screen , the Inbox does not seem to work. It does not indicate how may unread or unsent emails(says "no unread messages) I have (i am using the email program that came with the 600) nor does it take me to the email program when i tap it.

    2. i set all sounds to off and the main setting to mute for a "night" profile, but if a text message comes in, i am still getting an alarm.

    any help figuring these things out would be appreciated.

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    I'd like to use this with CallFilter in a manner whereby I can send "cmd" command to CallFilter upon a profile being switched such that CallFilter is either enabled or disabled. Anybody figured out what would be the cmd / command (numeric value).
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