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    Originally posted by BillPetro
    I use the very popular Calendar replacement, DateBook5.

    I find that Profiles turns off sound and vibration in the default Calendar program, but not DateBook5.

    Any possibility of addressing this?

    You have to mute the whole Treo to make DateBK5 silent. To do this, use the latest vresion 0.12.
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    Originally posted by wcarlson40
    Another bug with the latest versions (now using .11)

    I can no longer set the Calendar Sound to sound every 10 minutes (Under Sound -> Calendar -> Tones ). Whenever I try to select 10, it changes the Repeat Alarm from '3 times' to '10 minutes' and sets Every Sound to 5 minutes.
    Download 0.12. It should be fixed there.
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    Originally posted by Fittske

    Have you had a chance to look at the call forwarding option for the CDMA Treo? This option forme is an important one. I am aware you have the GSM version, but I will gladly help you in any way in order to get this function working for CDMA

    I can't do much here with my GSM Treo. I asked a related question on Handspring developer support site and I'm awaiting an answer. Are you sure you have everything setup properly with your network provider? Is there anybody else with CDMA T600 and call forwarding option working using Profiles app?
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    I upgraded from 0.10 to 0.12 and holding the Option button to bring up the profile selection screen resets my Treo . I have deleted 0.12 for now and probably go back to 0.10.
    Treo 600 GSM
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    0.13 posted.

    - stupid bug crashing the Treo after pressing down the switcher launch key fixed.
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    Originally posted by milan

    Are you sure you have everything setup properly with your network provider?

    Not completely sure what you are asking? I have everything set up properly in the profiles section.

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    Originally posted by milan
    0.13 posted.

    - stupid bug crashing the Treo after pressing down the switcher launch key fixed.
    It looks like there is a conflict between TreoAlert Manager and profiles (0.13).

    I have profiles set to mute-on, and after a call, the conflict between profiles and Treoalertmgr causes a crash.

    Okay, after a little bit of testing, the crash only seems to occur when "mute" is on. If I have the "mute" preference set to "off" the crash does not occur.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    Even with v 0.13 it does not turn off vibrations with DateBK5 alarms. Sounds yes, vibrations no. Perhaps DateBK5 uses a different alarm system?

    Bill Petro
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    Hi Milan,

    Here's some feedback for you. I'm using GSm Treo.

    When Alert manager is set to vibrate, and mute all is ON, then when alert manager activates the (now muted) alarm, the Treo goes into an unstoppable vibration and a soft reset is needed to stop the vibration and restore functionality. When alert manager is set NOT to vibrate, then when alert manager triggers after a phone call, things are fine. There is of course, not alert from alert manager (since vibrate is off, and mute is on) so it's like alert manager doesn't exist (not a good situation). However, even with alert manager vibrate set to off, when an SMS comes through, and alert manager activates, the Treo freezes.

    So ver 13 seems to be getting close to working with Alert manager, but still causes a freeze (whcih must be reset) when an sms comes in.

    Hope you can fix it soon. Great app!!
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    Hmm, I'm using 013, and Alert Manager, and Datebk 5.. Here are some observations.

    A bug? With mute on, the speaker phone doesn't seem to work. Is this intentional, or an unforseen byproduct?

    With Mute = On, datebook 5 alarms are silent, but still vibate. This is perfect-I don't want to be unaware of alarms, I just want to avoid calling other people's attention to them

    With Mute = On and Alert manager running, I get different behaviors on different occasions. Once, I did get a complete lockup, and I'm not sure exactly what happened then.

    With Mute On, if I call my cell phone and hang up the phone I'm calling from (without answering the cell phone), my treo hangs on the Answer/Ignore screen. I have to do a soft reset to continue. And after the reset, even though the same profile is active, the sound isn't muted any more. If Mute = Off, no problem. After I hang up the cell phone display "you missed a call."

    With Mute On, if I call my cell phone and let the call roll to voice mail, the same thing happens. With Mute Off, everything seems to be okay. I get the "you missed a call" screen.

    Turning Treo Alert Mgr off doesn't affect the first problem at all. My T600 still locks up if I hang up the calling phone while the Answer/Ignore screen is displayed. And it still works fine with Mute = Off.

    With TAM off, and letting the call go to voicemail, I still have the lockup problem.

    Profile is a great program, and I'd pay a reasonable price for it even if the mute feature doesn't work for me. After all, how hard is it to hit the little "quiet" button on top. And I already have a "silent" profile that turns off all the sounds individually.

    But getting this to work would be an undeniable plus. Add the ability to set timed profiles, and this would be a killer app. (Mute from 2pm to 4pm, for example.) Figure out a way to tie it into the calendar, or Datebk5, (turn off sound during a scheduled event) and you'd get my vote for "app of the year."

    Bob Meyer
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    Just installed this close to 24hrs ago and here's my early experience:

    1. Beam Receive setting doesn't work regardless of the different profiles used.

    2. If call forwarding feature is set, it'll cause a soft reset. But I suspect this has something to do with my service provider too as forward all calls is not allowed, only on certain conditions (e.g. when busy; not answered; off/no service).

    OTOH, I've been looking for something like this for the Treo 600. If it can link my address book categories to the call forwarding feature (assuming it'll work for me in the first place), then it'll definitely go down as a MUST HAVE.

    But even without that, I think this deserves a "killer app" status. I hope it'll get better. So how do I pay for this one...
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    I agree with Bob Meyer on this: having Profile timed or able to scan the Calendar for strings like "Meeting" and change Profiles would be invaluable.

    I disagreee with Bob on this: a "Quite" Profile should be able to turn off both sound and vibration. Otherwise, one could simply flip the sound switch on the top.

    Since we're asking for the moon, how about getting the "Quiet" Profile to notice when we're on a phone call? I can't tell you how often an alarm/vibration goes off while I'm on a call. Not only do I have trouble hearing, but the party on the other side says, "What's that?!"

    Then I have to explain that my phone is my Palm device :-)

    Thanks for "Profiles" great value, even while in development.

    Bill Petro
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    Profiles seems to be the application for controling sounds and phone behavior
    Is there any way programatically to override the following behavior:
    (and include this in Profile Mgr of corse!)

    When a stereo headset is plugged into the phone, and the phone rings, The speaker does not play the ring tone (ring is only audible through the headset.)

    Really anooying when you take the headset off to do something else and start missing your calls because you have not unplugged the headset.

    (or are using a stereo cassette addaptor in your car but have the radio or CD playing......)
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    Now that's really asking for the moon! Let's get the conflict with Treo Alert Manager sorted out first.
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    I have version .13 I can't seem to get the switcher to work(either the menu or option button). I have hi-launcher, but did not choose any "recent app" button trigger.
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    I had the same problem before. Do a soft reset and it should work after that.
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    Excellent app! Handspring should pay you well for plugging a major gap in the Treo. I've tested it with a bunch of apps which all worked well (listed at the end). It's incredibly useful and well implemented.

    One major problem I found: The built in camera application hangs when I use a profile that turns all sounds off and also uses the mute function. I have to do a soft reset.

    Switching from a "normal" profile to a silent one I found that PacDude (pacman clone I found on freewarepalm) would still use a sound, this may be the games fault of course.

    Applications I use which caused no problems: Bob's Alarm clock, TiBR, Plucker, SMS, Web Pro, mNotes, Ping, SiEd, Mergic Ping, HandyFinance, KeyCaps600, EzFTP, FileProg, EndNote, Converter, Documents2go, CityTime, LightnZip, Metro, Noah Lite, Passwords Plus, snapCalc, TreoHelper and Vikao...

    Overall it's great work.

    (BTW, I also second the succestion to use strings in the calendar to automatically switch profiles, that's really handy.)

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    Originally posted by tuen
    I had the same problem before. Do a soft reset and it should work after that.
    Thanks! Everything's perfect now.
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    0.14 posted. The mute function should work now or at least should be more stable. Please try it and let me know if the same problems with mute option persist or not.

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    Originally posted by milan
    0.14 posted. The mute function should work now or at least should be more stable. Please try it and let me know if the same problems with mute option persist or not.

    Tested with built-in camera, version 0.14 works fine now! Well done (and quick!)


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