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    Love the 600 so far (SPrint). One thing - my sanyo 8100 took ok pics but the Treo is AWFUL. I turn on the camera and it is totally grainy, dark, blurry. Even if I wait for focus or try a well lit area it is totally useless - cannot make out anything and it is so grainy.

    1) Dumb question - is there a plastic film over the camera lens like there is over the main screen on delivery? I do not want to scratch the lens trying to peel one off is there is not one...

    2) Anyone else had this problem - maybe mine is defective?

    Thx, JSJSJS
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    a bit of cleaning on the lens does help a lot sometimes...
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    It really helps to wait a sec to let the camera focus before you snap and use good light.

    I took a pic the other day and printed it off and it's good enough to use on the family Christmas card.
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    The camera on the phone is no Kodak digital - but I find that, for quick images on the fly, it's quite acceptable.

    One thing I've learned, though, is that what our comrade above says is true - give the phone a moment to focus on the image before snapping one. An extra 4 or 5 seconds has made a tremendous difference for me on several occassions. Also - lighting makes a huge difference. Extremes of light or dark on either end tend to wash the images out.

    As with many things, practice helps. The first few pics I took with my camera sucked - but it wound up being my fault, rather than the phone's.

    Don't give up on it - it's a cool little camera, and it's always there. That's the coolest thing about it.
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    Don't judge the pictures by what you see on the phone. The low resolution screen doesn't do them justice. Upload them to the computer and they will look a lot better. They still won't be the greatest but they aren't half bad.

    And GeekyMom is right. Depending on the lighting you may need to wait a few seconds to take a picture or take one almost instantly.

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