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    How do I get the original software that came with the Treo 600, without reinstaling the desktop software?

    (Like splash photo ect.)
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    Young man, are you asking Saddam Claus for new software for Xmas?

    I'll be dropping down your chimney or spider hole as the case may be, as soon as I clear up this little trouble I'm in.

    Ho, Ho, Ho
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    the files are on the CD that came with your treo. look under d:\eng\device applications\ and they are there. double-click on the *.prc file you want to re-install
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    when I put in the disk in the computer, it automatically starts. So where do I haveto go to get it, there is no option for extra software ?
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    Use Windows Explorer to look at the contents of the CD. You can leave the automatically started app running or stop it first, it doesn't really matter.
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    Where are device drivers located on the CD or (after installation) on PC or even on the web? Which is the version of device drivers with Treo 600?

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