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    anyone know if these guys have a treo version in the works?

    they palm version looks good (you think they would offer a better photo online).

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    Nope. The Enfora case only works with Palm Universal Connector devices. They do have an IR enabled case, but it's not for wifi unfortunately. I'ld advise you to email Enfora and ask them to develop a Treo version as I recently did. Another option is to find a Treo connector-to-PUC bridge that would enable PUC peripherals to work on the Treo. There is a company called MidwestPCBDesigns that makes such bridges, but they don't have a Treo version...yet that is. I also emailed them about developing a Treo-to-PUC bridge and would encourage you to do the same. This would be a much better solution b/c it would greatly increase the number of peripherals for the Treo...I just hope some developer takes notice and comes out with a product soon....
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