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    In Italy a lot of TREO 600 have several problems if they use it as cell phone.
    Handspring Italy informed that a new version of the FW (02.08) will be available after the 10th of Dec but they request to send them the phone because the updating could be a critical operation.
    I will send my phone soon and I hope that all the problems (lost of signal and impossibility to have it again, auto soft-reset after a call, freezing,etc.) will be solved.
    I hope because the cost of the TREO is about 890 EURO.
    I am only suprised about the fact the international official web site of Handspring report anything about.
    Please Handspring, consider your customers better than you did till now
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    btw before:
    firmware 01.15
    software 1.0-och
    firmware 02.08
    software 1.09-int
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    There's already a thread about this over here

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