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    I've started off using SnapperMail (on your recommendations) and I'm a little disappointed.

    As a Sidekick user, I was used to e-mail being a no-brainer.

    So far, the autocheck thing doesn't work well in Snapper, as I'm constantly moving between roam and no-roam service. I get error messages every time I step into the house (Sprint doesn't work indoors) and ultimately end up having to check mail manually instead.

    In addition, I was very disappointed that network operations make the phone roll to voice mail.

    Can anyone make recommendations of what setup will give me mail most similar to the non-intrusive, push-mail style format of the Sidekick?
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    So far, the best I've found are BaseJet and Sprint BC. And they are both buggy, not extremely convenient, and "auto-fetch/push" only works "sometimes". Sorry, there just doesn't seem to be an easy solution yet. BTW, I'm using IMAP with SSL. If you're using different mail server settings, you may be able to find another email app out there which fits your bill.


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