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    Based in Kiev and truly hoping to buy one here

    either that or anyone know of a European internet retailer of the 600 that will ship here for a reasonable price??

    thanks tons
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    Don't know where you could get one in Kiev, but I'm sure you can get one shipped from Europe (if the Ukie customs folks don't rip it off). Of course, after you get it, you're going to be faced with the problem of getting it unlocked. This may be more of a challenge than the typical GSM, since the Treo is a more complex machine.

    I have a brother and sister studying in Moscow. I'll ask if they've seen any Treos there.
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    Thanks much! I was just in Moscow and no one had even ever heard of it ... Tech SUCKS over here! man ...

    I think I could get it unlocked ... there are instructions on this board for unlocking in Ukraine/Russia. Would have to see though.
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    I don't know all that much about Ukraine (I know Moscow and Moldova really well, and I'd assume Kiev is somewhere between Moscow and Kishinev in terms of technical sophistication). I know that just about anything CAN be had in Moscow if you know where to go. I've seen tech markets where the prices are almost identical to those I find in the States. There's one at Savyolovskaya Metro that always amazes me.

    And, of course, the best part of it is that, in addition to being able to find every computer accessory I can find in the States, every software title on earth is available for $2 a CD-ROM.

    That alone would almost make up for the lack of a Treo. Again, I say ALMOST...

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