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    With AddIt, you can access some of the most popular applications right on your handheld or smartphone.

    First, Addit transfers your selections and payment information during a HotSync® operation with your PC. Then, the next time you perform a HotSync operation, Addit installs the software on your handheld or smartphone. (If any additional PC components are required, you’ll receive an e-mail with detailed instructions.)

    When you register the software you will be entered in drawing for $500 certificate that can be used at PalmStore and Try Addit and get SplashClock software FREE.

    EDIT: I registred AddIt and SplashClock is still sitting in the Outbound Transactions "tray" even though I've synch multi times already. I also selected Verichat trial for install, but it isn't showing up in the "tray" even though I did the handshake with the AddIt server. I'll reboot PC to see if that has any affect.
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    Interesting...thanks for the link. I'll try it out..
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