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    I can access to my office MS Outlook mail from blazer but the problem is the layout is not optimised for viewing as three quarter of the screen occupied by left hand column displaying icon inbox, address, public, etc.

    I am referring to access to Outlook without the need of OWA for PDA, so do not need to get IT admin to install additional software, I just access the outlook webpage thru https://xxx.yyy.fff.ggg/exchange

    Is there a way to setup the layout to be more friendly for small screen Treo? I have tried widescreen option from blazer but did not help.
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    Checkout this tool...
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    I personally like Ivoryserver. Simple web-based outlook access. You can download a trial here . I gave up on on the push based email apps (Business Connection, Visto, Basejet) because they were all too buggy, and I didn't really need Push. Ivoryserver works flawlessly, and it's only $25.00.
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    If I understand correctly, Ivory is unable to access/connect to MS Exchange Outlook, it is only for standalone Outlook.

    I need to access my office email at MS Exchange server in the office, not at my home Outlook
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    InboxToGo from is a wireless client for your Treo that will allow you to download your Outlook / Exchange email without using the hokey web access. It will also sync up with your Outlook Inbox when you hotsync. It has worked perfectly for me for over 2 years now.
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    the palm webpro browser handles the owa pretty well

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    Does palm web browser work with Treo600, understand that it need hi-res device?

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