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    HS site gives the following info on the Treo 600 USB Docking Cradle:

    Synchronize and display your Treo smartphone on your desk.
    6 ft. cable
    One-touch HotSync button
    Designed to hold your Treo at a comfortable reading angle
    Plug in an AC charger (not included) to use cradle as a charger

    It sounds like the usb sync cable does not charge the Treo and requires an AC charger. Can someone tell me what kind of AC charger is required and how it interface to the cradle?
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    Hiya, The cradle attaches to the charger that came with the phone. The phone comes with a usb cable that is actually a "y", with a long cable and a short cord attached. Plug your charger to the smaller cable, plug usb plug into computer port and then drop phone into cradle. Go to ebay and search for it, you will see it listed for $17 from dan's cellular. It was so much cheaper that I got 2 instead of one!

    The angle the phone is heald is perfect for reading. Far better than the one for the t300! take care, Jay

    Ps the wall charger is the same for the t300, if you had one, which is a bit nicer for traveling as it has foldable prongs and the one that comes with the t600 does not. Jay
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    just so you know, you can't use any headsets with the 600 while it is in the HS cradle. Very bad design. I even took it apart to see if I could carve a passage in the plastic for the headset adapter and cable. No luck. Please PM me if you find a cradle that will work with headsets plugged in. Thanks.
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