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    I bought the Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard tonight to use with my 600. It works fine with Docs to Go (except the 5-way on the KB doesn't work, but the 5-way on the Treo doesn't work with Docs to Go anyway). It works fine with most text entry applications.

    The problem comes when I try to use it for anything wireless (i.e., to send an email through a Web interface, to surf, whatever). As soon as the green arrows light up in Blazer, the Treo goes nuts. It switches applications and enters random characters. It starts beeping repetitively. Sometimes, I'm able to rescue it by taking it out of the keyboard cradle, but sometimes, I have to do a soft reset.

    Obviously, something in the radio is affecting the IR port. Has anyone else had this experience? I'm thinking about returning the wireless keyboard and ordering the Handspring one that connects directly to the Treo (lets you charge, too).
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    I have not heard a lot of good about the Targus IR keyboard. One comment I read about it on a PPC is that it isn't much good if you type more than 10 wpm.

    I use the Palm IR keyboard with my 600 and the only complaint is that if you want to use the IR port for beaming, you have to turn off the keyboard drivers and then do a soft reset. Luckily, I don't do much beaming.
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    Hmm that's pretty interesting. I know on my old Treo 300 the flashing signal indicator would always interfere with my IR communications due to the proximity of the sensor. On the 600 the LEDs are not right next to one another so I wouldn't expect that problem to occur. Seems maybe like a signal interference or power problem. The 600 I had showed screen interference patterns whenever the radio was operating.
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    I just downloaded the latest driver for OS5 with no luck.

    For whatever reason the keyboard stores 15 characters and then on the 16 transfers them to the wireless keyboard. Thats why it seems there is a delay in the typing.

    Another post indicated that Targus support sort of brushed off the problem. Yet, another one said support for the Treo 600 is pending.

    I've also had the Treo go nuts, especially when an incoming call is ringing.

    I hope someone posts a solution. I'd like to not reinvest in another keyboard.
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    I just bought the Targus tonight and it works ok with the 600...even when I go wireless. I composed email and sent it without the 600 going crazy or anything.

    As I've noted in a couple other postings tonight here...I AM disappointed the cursor control does not seem to work in most Quickword and SnapperMail it's ok, and in other cases it works so long as you hold down the FN key. But it never seems to let me move to a DONE/CANCEL field, and the CONFIRM button doesn't seem to do ANYTHING.

    I'd spring for the $100 Handspring one but hate to have one that works only for the 600....I'd have to thro it out as I did the one I bought for my old Palm IIIc....and don't want to waste ANOTHER $100 the next time I upgrade my PDA.
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    i went ahead and got the handspring KB for the treo and it works great. it is very cool and it is great that it re-charges too. having said that, it is unfortunate that i had to pay $100 again for a keyboard. i had bought the microlink IR KB when it came out and hoped i would never have to buy a KB again ... (that was the hope anyway). it will be interesting what the new versions treos have for connection ports. will they continue with the handspring version or will they follow palmone's universal conncector?

    it shouldn't be so hard to make an appropriate driver for one of these (now) many wireless/IR KBs out there.
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