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    My Treo is 14 months old, purchased originally at Circuit City. I dropped it once on pavement when it was about a month old, resulting in scratches on the lid. But everything worked fine (outside of a dead battery which I just replaced) until today, when I went to open the lid and found that it was cracked--you guessed it--along the right hinge.

    I didn't buy an extended warranty, and I assume the manufacturer's warranty is now expired.

    Is there any hope? Or am I out a $500 Treo because Handspring engineered it with a $.75 lid?

    The crack hasn't broken it completely. If all else fails, I can try Super Glue, but I don't have high hopes that it will be a permanent fix. Something tells me it will just break again.

    I hate this.

    What are my options?
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    You can call Sprint and activate the equipment replacement program. When the lid falls off completely, call sprint and tell them your phone is broken. they'll credit your account or replace your phone.

    Other than that, yes, you're SOL.
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    Surprise, surprise. I called today to sign up for the equipment replacement program only to discover that I was already enrolled. Who knew?

    Good news and bad news: They didn't accept the damage as being a manufacturing defect. Said Sprint hasn't informed them of any such thing, so I'll have to pay the $35 deductible.

    But the good news is that's ALL I'll have to pay. They'll send me a reconditioned Treo (which, in all honesty, will probably be in much better shape than the one I own) with a 12-month warranty. By the time the warranty is up, I'll probably be ready to buy the 600.

    THANK YOU, demoflauchy, for the information.

    This site rocks.

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    I got a reconditioned 300 from Sprint insurance. It was like brand new. Not a scratch on it. I was very happy.
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    ALWAYS take a broken phone to the sprint store no matter what the damage or how long you've had the phone. I've had some damage to my Treo 300 that I assumed wasn't covered under warranty only to take it to the store to have them replace it under warranty right on the spot. Calling customer care is useless. If you break your leg would you call the doc first or go right in?! Just a tip.
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    Today after 13 month my lid broke too.
    Despite the fact that I'm paying 4$ replacement I imidiatly went to a nearest Sprint store in Nashua, NH and to my surprise, they told me that they will replace it for free, because "it's out of waranty for only few weeks". They gave me an envelope to send in my old Treo after the new one arrives. And the new (refurbished) one should arrive on Tuseday. And "no I can not upgrade to treo 600"
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    this morning, my hinges began to crack, and i fear they will break completely rather quickly.

    i've had my Treo just about a year - what is the warrenty time, and if i sign up for the equipment replacement plan with Sprint today, will they replace my Treo tomorrow sort of stuff?
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    take it to the store asap! they might still replace it out of warranty. go now!!
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    instead of me sprinting to the store, does anyone know how long the warrenty is for?

    i back tracked and looked at my old orders from Amazon, and it's just under 11 months old.
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    1 year - Unless you have the add on insurance
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    good lord do you people even read the posts?! so what if it out of warranty. My self & others (read all the posts in this thread) have gotten phones replaced OUT OF WARRANTY. It all depends on the Sprint rep you are dealing with. some may say no- out of warranty.some may help you anyway. but best to go down in person. don't bother calling and asking over the phone. they ALWAYS say no. so go! now!!
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    mine was still under warrenty, and the rep who waited on me seemed bored and annoyed by my mere presence, and while she balked a bit, she ultimately agreed with me, and i'll be getting a refurbished Treo sometime in the next few day, via UPS...
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    My flip-lid is cracking as well. I'm still well within the warranty--I only switched from the way-old-school Digital Link some 7 months ago. I don't have the $4 replacement plan, however. Do I need it, or should I be able to just go in an get it replaced under the warranty?
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    My lid broke yesterday on my 20 month old 300. I went to local store and the replaced with refurb no questions asked.
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    I walked into a Sprint Store and explained the problem.
    The guy went into the back and came back a few minutes
    later saying this was a flaw confirmed by the manufacturer and
    was in fact covered by warantee (I bought mine 10 months ago).

    I pick up the new unit tomorrow.

    Pretty easy in my case, but I think by now they've had enough
    returned units due to broken hinges that they are more aware of this
    issue now.
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    I'm on my 2nd 300 - having replaced the original 14 months ago under warranty (had bad USB connector).

    Now having the dreaded cracked/broken right hinge. As suggested, went to the store. "Is it in warranty ?" No. "Do u have insurance?" No. "Sorry" But I still have original - maybe can exchange 2 bad for 1 good? "Well, maybe, but replacements only have a 6 mo warranty. Have to ask the boss."

    Is this true, warranty for an OOB replacement is 6 mo or just an assertion ? What is sprint's policy?

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    If you are SOL w Sprint....

    Check out my post on the proper glue....SUPER GLUE WILL NOT WORK...

    This has held now for coming up on two months ... all you need is a $7 tube of glue and 24 hours of paitence
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    A success story I have to share with this thread since I've been reading it for a while...

    Another victim of the dreaded right hinge crack -- 4 times in 2 years. Sometimes I got replacements under the Sprint warranty and other times I had to pay the $35 for one that was guaranteed for 6 months...

    This last crack I was all done... I didn't want to play the game any longer and wanted to get away from that damn hinge...

    I called the manager of my closest Sprint store (50 minute drive away) and came clean... customer for 7 years, been through the ringer with this phone, blah, blah... all the truth from the heart while being very nice and polite.

    I just about fell over when she said she'd get me a Treo 600 if I bring it in and show her my broken 300! All of the sudden a 50 minute drive seemed real easy! She said they would send me the 600 in a few days and a padded envelope for my 300 to be returned.

    I walk into the store and smiled, handed her my phone and she tells me to hang on. She walks into the back room and walks out 2 minutes later with 600 FOR ME! She said that since I was so nice and made the drive down the hill she wanted to treat me right.

    So -- here I am -- on the other end of a 2 year ordeal with Treo 300 and I'm hinge free and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new 600.

    I wish you all the best with your attempts of repair, upgrade, or even glue! BTW, I used JB WELD on my last one and milked another 2 weeks out of it!

    Barry Friedman

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