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    Hi Folks,

    I've updated Treo Butler to offer a really simple, but powerful keylauncher. If you press and hold a letter key, it simply launches tha phone app. Hold it a fraction of a second longer and you get the shortcut you chose in the phone app. In practice, this means you can launch an app, call, webpage or message from anywhere.

    I've also improved the program generally - it now reinstalls after a reset, the code is faster, the switch hack ignores the application launcher, the volume buttons behave normally in the phone application and if you press 's' during a call, you can unlock a locked digitiser and of course, you can still turn off that annoying LED!

    Hope it's useful for people - thanks for all the feedback on the work so far.

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    Just an FYI - when I installed the new version, it didn't overwrite the existing one. I wound up with two and had to delete the older one.

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