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    A few years ago, I dropped Sprint because of its lousy customer service and not so great coverage in NYC. Now, after feeling being abandoned by T-Mobile over the Treo 600, I'm actually considering going back to Sprint! I liked being able to use my T-Mobile service while on vacation in Europe, but I figure I can just rent a phone while abroad, even if it means using a new, temporary phone number. Plus, I figure the faster Internet service on the Sprint version of the T600 would make up for the shorter battery life compared to the GSM version.

    But before I switch, I wanted check on a couple of issues:

    I've heard that Sprint's coverage in NYC has improved over the past few years. Can anyone on this discussion board confirm (or deny) that?

    How does Sprint's nationwide coverage (including roaming) compare to T-Mobile's? (BTW, I spend 95% of time on the East coast)

    Is Sprint's SMS capability fully functional yet? And can it exchange messages with SMS users of other mobile service companies (including those in other countries)?

    Are there any other Sprint vs T-Mobile issues I should consider before making the big leap?

    Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Something else to consider is battery life. The Handspring website says the GSM versions (e.g. T-Mobile) have about 2 hours longer talk time than does the CDMA (Sprint) - i.e. six hours instead of 4:

    Treo 600 Specs

    If it matters, the color is also different and, of course, you can't switch a SIM in a non-GSM phone. Really, though, I recommend you look hard at the different rate plans. I've been comparing them and so far T-Mobile seems to come out ahead - much to my surprise. (Though both are light years ahead of ATT and Cingular on data plans) Of course, as the saying goes, your mileage may vary ... so best to do your own comparison.
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    Thanks. I did consider the shorter battery life of the Sprint version, and while that certainly is a minus, I figured that the faster Internet service on the Sprint version of the T600 may make that an acceptable tradeoff.
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    Lets see...

    1> In NYC I have great coverage (I am currently in school in St Louis, MO, but my pop lives in Woodbridge NJ, and I'm always in the city when I see him.) The only places I have dropped a call are obvious places around really tall buildings sometimes duing rush hours (50 st & 6 av; E4 st and Astor pl by tower records come to mind) Of course I couldn use it on the subway, but pretty much everywhere else was fine (this was 2 years ago for the month I was there.) I am from LA, and live in Atlanta for last 7 years; I have been just about everywhere on both coasts from Beantown to Key West on the right, and Vancouver to TJ on the left with my last treo 300 that didn't roam at all, and didnt have trouble. This Treo can roam, and usually in places where I know we don't have a tower (rural areas in Missouri) I still get phone calls (get a Free and Clear America plan w/ no roam charges; you'll be glad you did...)

    2> My pop came from VZW to Sprint last year and says he likes the coverage in NJ better with sprint. I guess that says something.

    3> Sprint usually rolls to VZW digital, Alltel, US cellular for roaming. Never was an issue with having my phone become totally useless except once on a camping trip in the hills of N. GA; I had my old Samsung 3500 as backup to call 911 though (+ I was trying to GET AWAY from people calling my so I didnt care )

    4>SMS will be fully up and running sometime Mid-January. It may already be on in NYC; each city will be testing before formal intro is made... YOu can always get PDAApps Treo600SMS to emulate MO-SMS on the treo, or use shortmail until then. Im using shortmail now, and since the Treo 600 is so fast on the net, I dodnt even worry about it too much-- I am looking forward to REAL SMS though...

    5> of course you wont be able to use that phone in Europe, but we do have a loaner phone program for people that are going to places where you cant use your CDMA phone abroad; check for info-- There are more places than just the US where you CAN take your phone like Austraila, Hong Kong, Brazil, to name a few...

    Hope this helps!!
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    Well, I was a T-mobile customer along with my wife with our Treo 270's and loved the service. I tried to wait it out for the Treo600 from t-mobile because I really wanted to stay with them. Unfortunatly they failed with this rollout. There is still no tenative date or even if they will have the 600. My wife and I switched to sprint, and it has been great! The internet speeds are awesome, and I don't even notice the battery life. The phone last the whole day, and thats with browsing the internet, checking e-mail, talking on chatter, and watching seinfeld episode, and of course talking on it. The key is to deal with a person in the store, and sweet talk them so they like you. Go to them if you have any problems. Hope this helps.

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    I am also a Tmobile to Sprint "switcher" and don't regret it. I used to have Tmo, and hated it. I am a salesman in the NY/NJ/PA areas, so if you should listen to someone, it's me.... :-) I drive a lot, with Tmo I had to go to the side of the road for an important call, in order to be sure not to get cut off, and so forth... But since I changed to Sprint it's been GREAT, I can still count on my 2 hands how many times a call dropped, and am VERY happy that I can call a customer in confidence, that I will not haveto call back and appologize.....

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