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    I don't have a data plan, and I don't plan on signing up until my Cingular contract is over and I can move over to T-Mobiles much more affordable data plan. Anyway, I want to put a few ringtones that I made (midi files) to the phone, but I cannot download them with blazer and I cannot email them to the phone. Is there a little app that converts the midi file to the proper .pdb file? Would I be lucky enough to have it be on the Mac platform. THanks for any help.
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    you can always "beam" the midi file to the T600 via infared. The treo will put it into the right place.
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    haha i guess i am unlucky in this one point in having the newest version of the Titanium laptop, where they removed the IrDA port. Oh well, maybe I will accumulate a bunch of ringtones and then add a data plan for a month.
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    The only other way that I know is to use Launcher X. There is another thread here that explains how. I think it involves putting the .mid file onto a SD card & using LauncherX to copy the file to the internal memory. I do not have Launcher X, so I cannot confirm that this method works. LauncherX also is not free, but maybe cheaper than a Cingular data plan....
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    get mid file into sd card either using an external card reader or "card export" software, then "open" (not "copy") with launcherx and the built-in ring manager will take over. hope this helps.

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