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    I spoke with my "contact" yesterday, regarding the impending TMO release of the T600, he informed me that the NEW set date is DEC 29th. He stated that he had been informed that this was a firm date, but also in the same breath he had heard that before

    Take it for what its worth.
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    All I can say is boy am I glad I didn't wait for TMO!
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    Why would any company release on the 29th? Is that a big shopping day?
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    > Why would any company release on the 29th? Is that a big
    > shopping day?

    Your logic is irrefutable.

    But remember the source of the date (no, not the TreoCentral poster at the top of this thread - the person that poster is quoting (who, if memory serves me right, has stated as fact 479 different distinct 100% incorrect dates!).
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    feeling the lub hah I just pass along what corporate sales finds out just a poor slum like the rest
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    doesn't it make more sense that it will be the 15th? that's when the AT&T rebate offer runs out and so far that's been the trend. for me if it's not the 15th i'm switching to AT&T, i've got no loyalty to T-Mo and no contract.
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    How about this. Maybe Handspring wants to make sure it's past the 30 days return period of the Cingular phones. Otherwise they might have a good number of the Cingular buyers returning their units for the "optimized" (yeah right) Tmo Treo. It's already well talked about in these threads
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