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    I just called the front hotel desk, in China, from China, on my Treo600...AND SPRINT SAYS IT WILL NOT WORK.....

    Read below

    I am in Shanghai, got here two weeks ago. Heard CMDA will not work, so I never tired it. Saw a CDMA billboard for Unicom china and tried to connect. it took a while, but it said "Roaming" and had an "R" nect to the antenna

    I tried to call home, I need to call me wife. they message that I got on the phone when I tried was I need to apply for IDD service.

    I emailed Sprint and get either NO the Treo will not work, or Yes it will, but you need to call the Internation Sprint line, and when I call that number, they say NO. I tell everyone that I can connect to the network here and if it would not work, then why can I connect.

    I can call any local Number in China, just not IDD.

    So after getting reall flustered and needing to call my wife and not being able too, due to toher issues, I wanted to use my TREO, and I can't.

    Here is the email I got, this is the last one of about 5 or 6. I can add the attachement emails if anyone wants them.
    Dear Matt,

    This is in response to your concern about the services.

    We do offer the ability to use your PCS Phone outside the US. As we at
    eCare would not be able to assist you in knowing the rates of using our
    services. So, you need to call our dedicated group of specialists at

    Thank you for contacting Sprint.

    Candice V.

    Sprint strives to provide you with the best customer service possible.

    Original Message Follows:
    To Whom it may concern.
    I am very confused, frustrated and upset. I have tried to
    settle this matter and I feel that I am getting no where. Either I get a
    reason of "yes, it can be done, contact..." or "it is not possible" and
    there is not an explanation to why. I have attached two emails that I
    received from Sprint Customer Care. Some are the same question, sent
    and there are two different answers from your reps. Each email contains
    several correspondences with your E-Care people, so please read them in
    their entirety.

    I can't afford to call the US from China on a Land Line
    times so far), and wait on hold to do this and get no where. I am in
    Shanghai. Unicom is the CDMA carrier (I believe?). I am trying to get
    service on my Treo600, which is a Single Mode (digital), Dual Band. Two
    Frequency Bands that it operates on are 800MHZ and 1.9GHZ.(according to
    Handspring and the SprintPCS website (see attached email).

    Half the people I email at Sprint say I can get service,
    other say no, with no real reason other then it will not work, due to it
    being the wrong type. If this is so, then how is it I can connect with
    carrier in Shanghai, China, get a "roaming" ICON and display and dial

    I ask them about this and they say it just will not work
    don't say why I can connect and it not work. When I dial a phone number,
    get a message in Chinese first, then English saying that "I must apply
    IDD service". I can even contact their customer care via 1001 from my
    Treo600, but it's in Chinese and I wanted help form Sprint.

    How is it that I can connect to the carrier, but not use it (according
    Sprint rep)? Why do some Sprint Reps say it can be done?

    WILL THIS WORK OR NOT? I am tired of calling and emailing back and
    and getting no where. I am an Electronic Engineer, I understand this
    kind of
    stuff, so please explain.

    PLEASE read the attached email and note the responses
    the PCS reps. Some are contradictive of others PCS replies.

    Please forward this to the correct party to get an answer

    Very confused, Matt Burkhard

    PCS # XXX) 791-XXXX
    Phone: Treo600
    Location : Shanghai, China

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    They can't even get "Band" and "mode" stright. The other time I called Intreenational help, I got the same person again and they were rude and basicaly said, I ALREADY told you, it will NOT WORK.

    Dear Matt,

    I understand you wish to use your PCS Phone in China.

    We do offer the ability to use your PCS Phone outside the US. To find
    detailed information regarding international roaming, please call our
    dedicated group of specialists at 1-888-226-7212.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    Joey L.

    Sprint strives to provide you with the best customer service possible.

    Original Message Follows:
    Thanks for the responce. The Treo600 is not Analog, but it does have two

    bands, they are 1.9GHZ and 800MHZ. So the Treo600 would be a Single
    dual band.The Treo300 is a single band phone, but I have the Treo600.

    Also, on your site, it says "Operates within the PCS CDMA frequency band
    1.9Ghz AND 800MHZ.

    So it sounds like a single mode (digital), dual band. Analog and Digital
    modes, and 1.9GHZ and 800MHZ are the two bands that the Single Mode
    works on.

    If it will not work, why did the first person say it would (see email
    after i called Sprint to get international roaming? Also, why do I
    to Unicom and am able to hear their recorded messages then? the Unicom
    message I get, via my PCS phone, is to register with them to get it to
    Do I need to call them? DO you have a contact number?

    If this wil not work, please expalin why, in better detial, to the above

    questions. Sorry to be so difficult, I am an elelctrions engineer,
    therefore, a little hard headed when it comes to electrioncs.
    If you would like to forward this to a PCS tech, I would not take
    offence at
    Thanks for your help< matt

    From: Sprint Customer Solutions <>
    To: Matt Burkhard <>
    Subject: Re: ID # 20031205094319 (KMM575866I123L0KM)
    Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 06:35:07 -0600 (CST)

    Dear Matt,

    This is in response to your concern about using your Vision-enabled PCS
    Phone in analog roaming.

    As advised to you by our representative, the Vision-enabled PCS Phone by
    Handspring Treo 600 is a single band phone. It cannot be used in analog
    network. Therefore, you cannot use this PCS Phone in China.

    Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

    I appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this regard.

    Pete S.

    Sprint strives to provide you with the best customer service possible.

    Original Message Follows:
    I called the number you gave from a land line due to not being
    be connected fully due to the problem listed below. I spoke to Makayla
    (sp?), at the number your provded about this issue and she said it will
    work, that I have the worng phone. She said my phone is a single band
    and I
    need a dual band. The phone I have is a Dual band (both digital)
    Handspring Treo600.

    If this is true, then how is it I can get the message over my

    from UNIcom, when I dial,saying that I need to regitster first. The
    asaid that it wil not even work, so why do I get a connection? they said
    phone is single cand, but it's dual (not analog) but dual. Also I told
    model number to you in the first email and I assume that you took that
    concideration when you replied. Please advice, i would like to have
    to feel safe while here, in case I get lost. THanks very much, Matt
    PCS number (XXX)791-XXXX

    From: Sprint Customer Solutions <>
    To: <>
    Subject: Re: ID # 20031205094319 (KMM550127I123L0KM)
    Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 17:50:33 -0600 (CST)

    Dear Matt,

    This is in response to your concern about using your PCS Phone in China.

    Please note that you have to provision the International roaming
    facility, before you move out of U.S. and use your PCS Phone. The
    problem you are facing needs live interaction with us to get resolved.
    Please contact us by dialing 1-817-698-4199 from your PCS Phone only.
    If you dial this number from a landline phone, International calling
    charges will apply.

    We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    Shelton S.

    Sprint strives to provide you with the best customer service possible.

    Original Message Follows:
    Name : Matt Burkhard
    Form : Ask A Question - Learn
    Topic: Coverage

    I am in Shanghai China on bussiness and can connect to China unicom. The
    display of my Treo600,
    says "roaming" and I get a signal. When I try to call, I get a message
    saying I need to register or
    someting to that effect. Please advice. Thanks,Matt Burkhard
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    OK, I am half way threre. I have a work around now. I can get calls now, on my Treo600 in Shanghai, China.

    I figures if I can call local numbers here, they know who I am and were I am. I still can dail outside of China, due to sprint saying my Treo600 is 100% usless here. So I figured if I can call local, perhaps someone can call me.

    I sent an email to my wife in the states, and asked here to call me local number...guess what
    IT WORKS!!!!!!
    I can now get somesort of contact now...NO THANKS TO SPRINT
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    Hey Matt,
    I feel your pain. I had a Sprint Treo 300 and the customer support was horrible at best. There were rebates that were not given, charges that were not mine, rudeness and complacency that was infuriating and frustrating. It was so consistent it was as if Sprint Customer Support management and training encouraged and systemtized this sort of behavior. And the on hold times were ridiculous!! Although the vision data service is phenomenal technology, too bad the support behind it just about negates the value of the product.

    So when the Treo 600 came out, I ran for GSM. I didn't care what the penalty was, I ported my phone number from Sprint to Cingular. On the whole, I am happy with the choice. I can get China access with a local SIM card (calling card for international calls) and save a ton of roaming charges. Cingular does have inferior coverage (I live in silicon valley) to Sprint, but the GPRS data service seems to be actually faster on the device itself (though the data plans$$$ are nowhere near as cheap as Sprint's). Oh, and the customer service is way better with Cingular. No yelling necessary, haven't had to wait more than 5 minutes on hold, and everything is online.

    So as with all things in life, tradeoffs galore. But since I'm in China for a month, then in the states, the rollover minues in the Cingular plan was the clincher for me. So the actual overall cost of my cell coverage, even with GPRS fees, is now net lower than Sprint (this is unique to me I know).

    Good luck.
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    So, how did you get it to work out in the long run?
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    After finding out that I can call localy, and receive calls from America if someone calls me (this was due to the persistance/curse of being an Engineer..LOL), I called Sprint from a land line and talk to CC. Same asnwers, it WILL NOT WORK SHE SAID. I asked for the manager, big song and dance, and finaly she gets him. He humors me, said it should not work, he seems to believe me and said he will talk to his boss and tech. I asked him to put me on hold and call me. He said they can call internatioanly from there, I said you don't need too. Just call mt 10 digit PCS number. He did, it rang, I answered, he was shocked. I fowarded him the emails and told him about Makayla the witch and he said he would look into that too. That was yesterday. I'll keep a posted on what they find/say.
    Thanks for the concern, Matt "still in China" Burkhard
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    Matt, do you have full internet access in China? How about running some speed tests?

    What part of China and what's the weather like?
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    Just wondering if you have any idea how much the roaming will cost.

    Also - anyone know what other countries the phone will work in?
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    I'm in Shanghai, the weather is cold, but sunny and nice. I can only get Voice, no Data. When I try to connect to the internet, it says that I must be in a PCS network or something to that nature. If you want the exact error, let me know and I will try to log on again. I think it is due to Blazer being setup with Sprint as the ISP.

    As far as cost, you remember those pay phone booths, that look like a normal both, but when you make a collect call, they charge like $5 a minute? The Sprint guy said that since Sprint does not know how I am connecting, and he does not think there is an aggree ment between Unicom and Sprint yet, that I should be very careful as to not get sopme huge bill, so I only have it for 911 or if I get lost. Other wide, I use a land line and an AT&T card.

    I am coinfused with the dela about Sprint not knowing abvout this or no thaving an agree ment with Unicom. They have to handshake somewhere to change from Unicom to Sprint and back, to carry the voice data/connection? I assume one would need some sort of permision, unless they can hack in, it needs no permision or I have a rouge conneciton that will be free due to either party knowing, I DOUBT that is the case ....LOL

    More as I hear. Matt

    As far as other contires, Sprint still says the T600 will not work here, so ther is no telling where it will work.
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    Matt, I re-read your posts but unclear what you had to do so your Treo can make local calls and only receive calls from the US. Can you elaborate? Can a local phone call you and what number do they dial? It'd be intresting to see if you can receive calls from countries other than the US. Keep track of your calls and let us know what charges if any you get hit with.
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    Thanks for taking one for the team, Matt!

    I will be arriving in Shanghai in a few weeks. I will only be needing local calling. I won't need IDD, data or roaming. The China Unicom people told my GF that all I would need to do is to buy a local phone number. I am unsure if either person fully understands the situation.

    What was the process that you went through to get the phone to work? Do I correctly understand that you just turned it on and you could internationally roam?

    What I want to do is switch carriers for a month, a la switching from Sprint to Verizon. Do you think this is something that China Unicom can do?
    I have the world in my Palm
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    NewT, It was very easy,I just turned the radio on (enabled the wireless). I tried it before, but it didn't connect as fast as it does at home, I new there was no way it would work, so I cancled it, before I thought it would time out looking for a connection (in all reality, if I would have waited, I would have had a connection then) this was both in Tokoyo and Shanghai the first day.

    Later in the week, in Shanghai, I saw the CDMA Unicom sign. Figured what the hey, I'll try again, turned the radio on, let it go untill it times out I figured.

    Well it took forever and I thought for sure it would time out, but then all off a sudden, I get a "Welcome to Sprint" in the searching Network box and then it said "Roaming" in big letters and a big "R" next to the signal, which has four power bars BTW.

    Now when ever I connect, it connects fast. I ASSUME, that it was searching on one band, and had to switch to the other one and that is why it took so long, or it was looking for Sprint, didn't see them and then settled for any CDMA connection?

    Like a little kid, I could almost not controll my excitment. As I said, I tried to call home and got the "you need to appliy for IDD service" message form Unicom. After dealing w/ sprint about 10 times,over a weeks time, I was in the room, bored and figured. Well, if I can't get out of this county (no IDD), and I can connect with Unicom (even though Sprint said there is no way my Treo600 will even work here)then perhaps it will work localy, I called the number on the letter head of the hotel.

    I didn't have to use the [86-21]either, just the 6385 6XX8 number (the letter head said "[86-21] 6385 6XX8). I hit send and the rest was history. I then thought, well if I can call localy w/o usiung their prefix code, then they, (unicom or sprint) knows were I am, I just can't get out. So I figured, well perhaps then, someone can call me. So from my hotel room, on a land line, I used my ATT&T card and dialed my normal number using the conrty code 001 (512) 791-6XX8 and the darn thing rang.

    When I called Spirnt and asked the Sprint guy to call me, he dialed (512) 791-6XX8 and he got me too.

    Yea, I took one for the team alright. The biggest beef was the people at Sprnt being closed minded and uneducated (the ones that I tlaked too over the phone (othe then the manager) and the ones at E-Care. There will be a nice letter going out when I return to the US.

    As far as rate, it could be normal, or I may get Shanghaied. As the Sprint guy said, with no agreement (to his knowelge) they could, in theory, charge what ever they wanted to. $100 connection fee, $10 a minute? WHo knows. I will post what I get billed, when I get billed. I dopn't plan to pay it, if it's a high number due to Sprint not helping me, if they did, I would have known sooner not to call untill I get the rates, and the fact that it said welcome to Sprint, I assumed that they had an agreement and that it would be regulated to a degree. And also the obvoius one.... THAT IT WORKED........

    I can't wait to hear the explanation of this one. PFM, I bet

    Thanks for listening to my long wided rant. Is this your first time coming to Shanghai? I have the 411 if you want it, send me a PM if you want to know the skinny on everything.

    Regards, Matt Burkhard
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    Thppfft, I don't know if Unicom can do that, I woould get the ball rolling now to be safe.

    I still can't get over the lady telling me that
    Band was the lanuguage (per say Analog or digital)
    and Mode was the Frequancy......

    She kept saying, your T600 is a single band phone, therefor you can't connect. If you had a dual band , you could.

    Every other company, litureture, rep and so on, other then Sprint (exceot their T600 manual and some parts of their web site) Refer to
    Mode being Analong or Digital ( like what mode of transprtaion, walk, take a car or bus)
    and Band being frequancy (like what frequancy is your favorite radio staion one.


    Taken form

    Changing bands or modes is done automatically by phones that support these options. Usually the phone will have a default option set, such as 1900-MHz TDMA, and will try to connect at that frequency with that technology first. If it supports dual bands, it will switch to 800 MHz if it cannot connect at 1900 MHz. And if the phone supports more than one mode, it will try the digital mode(s) first, then switch to analog.
    Sometimes you can even find tri-mode phones. This term can be deceptive. It may mean that the phone supports two digital technologies, such as CDMA and TDMA, as well as analog. But it can also mean that it supports one digital technology in two bands and also offers analog support. A popular version of the tri-mode type of phone for people who do a lot of international traveling has GSM service in the 900-MHz band for Europe and Asia and the 1900-MHz band for the United States, in addition to the analog service.
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    New Trou,
    I also have the "north american" dailing unchecked. I also have "enable digital roaming" ENabled. all thru the phone app, menue
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    As I posted on another thread- There IS apparently a way via to tell where international roaming is available, and the rate. For China, look for the cities listed in the "PCS" column as "T" for Tri-Mode. (Which is not Tri-Mode but 800 MHZ CDMA, since they originally got in the habit as listing a 1900 MHZ CDMA with Analog as Dual-Band and don't want two "duals" since they can not keep the reps informed as it is...)

    Per the site:
    International Roaming in China
    Pricing Information PCS: Airtime $0.99/min. Long Distance May Vary GSM: Airtime $1.50/min. Long Distance Included
    (To qualify for the above rates, you must be on the most current plan. The International Roaming Team will be able to tell you which plan you have.)

    International Dialing
    PCS Access Code: "00"
    GSM Access Code: "+"
    Country Code: "86"
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    I saw that too, they say that it's not acurate and that with no contract with UNIcom, the plus long distance (.99 plus long distance) Long disitance may veary may be .25 or $25? They said to take heed until they figure something out.

    I'm pretty fed up with them as of now. No reply from the other rep yet. Matt
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    Just got this email from the helpful person/manager that I finaly got a hold of.

    So it looks like it can be done, I just found out too late. Heading home tommorrow.

    So as of now, i can receive calls that are made to my Treo600(CDMA Version) from the US and China. Both have to call my normal 10-digit PCS number.

    I can also call most anywhere in Shanghai too. Just dial the local 8 digit number.

    No Vision, but beggers can't be choosers...LOL

    This is what I got today on HOW I CAN CALL THE US.....

    I've got that email I have been anticipating. We can set up your phone to be able to call out of China. It would require an international roaming code that has to be approved through our Fraud dept. If you would like this to be set up, we can submit a template and request the activation of this feature. Fraud must be able to contact you on a US land line phone to verify. The cost for roaming with you PCS phone is $0.99 per minute airtime. Long Distance would be charged based on the tower you are calling from. Ex. If you are calling a number that is considered "local" to the tower you have connected to, then there would be no charge. However, If you make a call that is considered LD to that tower, then you would be charged a rate that varies. This means that it could be as little as $0.25 and as much as $5.60 per minute
    So use this at your own risk, seeing that there is no info on their site yet, but it looks promising. If I had more time, I would try it and see if it works. I don't see why it would not.

    Also, it looks like one better get setup BEFORE leaving the US. I would assume in this occasion, they would make an exception?

    Hope this helps someone, then all mu fustration is not in vein...Matt Burkhard
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    Major Edit:
    Does this mean that if someone in Shanghai wants to call you, they must make a long distance call to America, that then gets routed back to you in Shanghai?

    So, every minute you use the phone, you are getting charged $0.99? And if you are making a long distance call, you are getting charged an additional $0.25 to $5.60 per minute?
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    I have the world in my Palm
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    Yes, someone local has to call (over several thousand miles) to the USA and then it routes back to (the mile away that they are calling from) Shanghai, China.

    I don't know the cost. I have only used it a couple times. I assume, that they have to pay the high fee and all I pay is .99 a min for the roaming?

    It will be too late for you, but when my bill hits, I'll post the prices.
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    After reading the reply from the sprint person, I assume it's free (plus the .99 roam charge per minute) to have someone call you (your charge) and since they call you at that cell that you are at (provided you don't walk into another one) it's not long distance. If you call somewhere local and your on the same cell, it's free (plus the .99 roam per minuite). If you call somewhere that is not in your cell, that make it long disatnce it sounds like and it would be .24-5.60 (plus the .99 roam per minute fee).

    What's your take from the email?

    I would double check to make sure if I were you. Or better yet, get an email that you can use for ammo if they try to stick it to ya
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