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    I found when I was in China last month that the phone worked almost everywhere I went. I was in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongching and Yichang. I even had 2 bars through most of the 3 gorges. The coverage was better than on my GSM Ericsson phone with the Unicom GSM sim.

    I had the exact same run around with the twits at the international roaming number. They refuse to even try and activate the international roaming. She said the computer would give an error and the manager would come over to see why. If you look at this site you will see the phone as the potential to work in most of the world. There are even articles on that site that indicate that sprint has man roaming agreements with the providers on that map. The sad thing is the sprint site is hopelessly out of date and they don't seem to have a catagory for 2 frequency phones using CDMA. Duel Band to them means it does AMPS.

    Incidently I was only called from the US in China 2 times. Once the phone was actually off and the other it went to voice mail before it rang. I did get the notification of new voice mail. That happens when I am in the US with the phone on so I dont read too much into it other than the feature works while roaming in places Sprint seems to have never heard of.
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    Matt, read your post with great interest. Leaving for Thailand next month and was hoping to use my Sprint Treo 600 when CDMA is available. Sounds like it is too much trouble but thanks for trying and keeping us informed.

    Lucky for me little internet stores are evrywhere for about 1 bat per minute. Looks like I will just use IM again to keep my wife informed and communicate with my daughter. Or if I really have to talk I'll buy a phone card.
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    I use my treo a lot in
    - Beijing
    & Hong Kong

    I have also used it in India

    Mine is an At&t unlocked treo.

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    Mike, yours is a GSM, correct? The post was for a CDMA version, said to be no way in hell of it working....
    So you find that the GSM version is pretty flexable then?

    talaria, it was a pheasco alright! I did end up paying $0.99 a miniute to roam with my CDMA Treo600 there.

    treobone, Was yours GSM or CDMA?
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    Do you have an international roaming agreement set with sprint? They are usually free (its just a formal enrollment generally), but you MUST enroll yourself generally...unless sprint is really nice and does it automatically.

    if you do NOT have a roaming agreement, you WILL LIKELY get screwed over. the Chinese phone company will bill sprint and sprint will pass these on to you. There is NO limit to what they can charge. If they decide to use sprint's roaming agreement, then they bill you at the set rate...but there is nothing saying they have to!

    Now, for someone to call you, they pay (likely the rate to call the US), but you only pay the roaming (as overseas it is generally caller pays). For you to call someone in the area, it should be local.
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    I am using a GSM phone. I used it with a local Orange Sim Card in Hong Kong and China and a Indian Orange Sim Card in India.

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    When you tried to the call the United States, how did you dial? I have gsm in china now, i CAN call United States, but I need to add The United States International Dialing code. ie. +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx
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