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    Just wondering if any one else has had this happen:

    I installed the new version of SilverScreen (I think v.3.1.2) that has 5-way support, and everything was fine until I tried to use the 5-way to select an app, then everything went blank and my Treo 600 reset. This happened several times before I finally gave up. Wondering if I forgot to install something?
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    Dear cwproctor,

    I noticed the same behavior, soft reset while trying the use the 5-way to select an app - but I think I have narrowed the "cause" down.

    When I press the center-button on the 5-way to make the cursor appear within the desktop space, then I can navigate within the window using the up-down-left-and-right directionals and all works well until... I try to highlight an app that is on an SD card? Then I get a soft reset. If I use all of the functions except the center-button, I never get a reset.

    To test, go to any tab that does not contain an app on SD/MMC card that is the first app (but it can be any other). Press the center-button on the 5-way navigation button. Press up-right-down-or-left until you come to an app on a card, then try to highlight it. You should soft reset.

    Can others confirm this condition?

    I am using SilverScreen Ver

    Dave Lindberg

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