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    Originally posted by jfdjsu
    One more thought to consider, I have left my phone on by accident in the overhead compartment on a couple of flights over the past few years. Other than causing a drain on the better, none of the crew seemed to notice or care. I do try to follow the rules though since I want to get to my destination safely.

    Anyone else left their phone on by accident?
    My wife forgets almost every flight we take.
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    i just usually tell the stewardess (sic) to shut up and get me a ginger ale.

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    Originally posted by caseyatbt

    My wife forgets almost every flight we take.
    I forget to turn mine (well my old phone) off all the time. Usually results in a very dead battery.
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    This seems like the easiest solution.
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    Here is the reply I received from AA:

    Thank you for writing. As long as it is obvious the cell phone function is off and you can prove this to the flight attendant, there should be no problem with using the device. However, in the event there are doubts or questions about your device,
    we ask that you please remember it is a federal requirement to comply with crew member instructions.

    We look forward to welcoming you aboard. It is a privilege to serve you.


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    turn the Treo's wireless mode on... show the air hostess the flashing green light... now turn it off... No green light! Btw, I have a Treo 270 as well, (it's looking for a good home) and have sent emails during take off with no ill effects. (I don't recommend doing that of course
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    Originally posted by ahalvor
    i just usually tell the stewardess (sic) to shut up and get me a ginger ale.

    Wonder how much spit of theirs and what not you've swallowed tough guy - He he!
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    Originally posted by ahalvor
    i just usually tell the stewardess (sic) to shut up and get me a ginger ale.

    Hahahaha, you are probably one of those guys that don't understand why he has the sheits after he gets off the plane.

    The problem with the cell phone being on is two fold:

    1. The FCC prohibits the use and WILL enforce a $10,000 fine if your use causes a disruption of service. I haven't heard of them fining anyone in awhile, but they have in the past.

    2. The FAA prohibts the use. Everyone has forgotten to turn it off, no question there. The problem I have seen is when there is an incoming call, the phone seem to generate a stronger signal than normal, and that signal does interfere with our communication and navigation. It is very noticeable in cockpit on the aircraft I fly. If you are possibly sitting near the avionics bay, it would probably have an effect there too.

    The best bet is to turn off the wireless mode, if a Flight Attendant questions you about it, tell them or show them the wireless feature has been deactivated. If they still have a problem, just turn it off, it is better than getting booted off the plane.
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