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    This is very simple. I tried it 2 days ago and it has worked like a charm.

    1. - Stretch the clasp strap(how you close the case) very tightly, dont worry, this is real leather and it wont break.

    2. Bend the front part of the case(IE: with the case close, bend the cover part AWAY from the case) until it forms a C shape. I left this for about 20 minutes*using the edge bottom part of my couch.) Since then I have had no trouble with the space bar, and this does not harm or deter the look of the case in any way. If you have any questions please let me know...

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    do you have pictures u can show us? I was thinking of purchasing a vaja case too. Does it have credit card slot?
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    Not only does it have a credit card slot but it has 2 slots for Secure Digital Cards. The fit is very tight and form fitting, I love it. Its much better than the bellagio case and is very slick.

    You can check out pictures at - Chris
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    i saw the pictures, but it didn't show a good shot of the back of the flap where the SD cards are. I know there aer SD card slots. But it doesn't show the credit card slot. Also, where is the money pocket slot? Is that like underneath the 2 SD card slots? I noticed their other cases for other pdas have a credit card slot and they show a picture of it. But the vaja case for the Treo600, they don't show the credit card slot. I'm thinking it doesn't have one.

    Can you show me a picture of yours?
    Is yours really a credit card slot or is it the money pocket slot maybe?

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    It would appear that there is another slot below the SD card slots to hold cash or a credit card:

    I don't have one of these so maybe someone who does can answer for sure.
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    Yeah, I'm wondering myself. Is there a credit card slot on that? There's probably just a money pocket slot underneath the SD card slots, but it would be great to also have credit card slots on top.

    Does anyone who owns a vaja case for the Treo600 know? Plus, if you put credit cards in the money pocket slot, about how many can you fit?

    Any info appreciated. Thanks.
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    Yes, indeed there is a slot to hold a credit card or a couple of bills. Its a great case guys, don't hesitate. - Chris
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    Do you think it'd be possible if I cut the threads around the 2 SD pocket slots to make it form one big slot? And then possible cut away deeper so that I can turn it into another Credit card slot?
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    I went to order a vaja case for my sprint treo 600 and could not find it..I send them a email and this is the response I got....

    At present we do not offer a case for the CDMA Treo device. This unit has
    a special autoanswering function in the space key that makes it impossible
    to produce a flip top case for the unit since anything that covers the
    keyboard will activate it accidentally.

    So anybody try a nutshell case.....

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    Wow. They must have responded to all the complaints and stopped selling the CDMA model. I'm glad I found a solution to my issue rather than returning the case. The treo 600 is huge I'm sure they (or handspring) will find a solution... - Chris
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    yea, thanks a lot PEOPLE. The software problem that you guys should talk about fixing has been misdirected to Vaja & now you guys just screwed everyone else that wanted one.

    once again, big thanks to all the whiney babies out there spewing crap out before they think what the real problem is.

    Now Vaja isn't selling them till PalmOne fixes this software problem and the rest of us are left with inferior cases.

    good job guys.
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    option to buy is on there. I don't understand? And now it's down to 10 day delivery. I'm confused.
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    Hey I didnt whine!
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    Are they really not selling the CDMA version of the case anymore? What's the difference with it and the GSM version? A big difference?

    Anyone have the case in Vitelino Leather? If so, how is the quality of it?

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