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    especially KeyCalender. It ran really poorly on the T|T. COmments apprecaited
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    I use 2.2, I bought it back in my Tungsten T days.

    There is not a true support for the 5-way pad, that pisses me off. (It works a few places, moving cal by day and some other places.)

    I noticed 2.3 came out. But the site doesn't really say Treo 600 ready like other Palm Apps say.

    I would wait until Chapura gets Treo 600 ready KeySuite out.

    But let me go back and say I have it installed (v 2.2), and it works just fine. It's just I know it's limitations as of v2.2... hopefully a 2.3.1 or something adds Treo 600 support.

    -- Vikram
    Treo 600 <a href="">Blog/Moblog</a>
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    thanks, I'll stick with PocketMirror and KeyOCntacts for awhille longer then

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