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    Originally posted by mblank
    IanL - I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at.

    First of all, Verichat isn't perfect regarding uptime, if for no other reason than Sprint's SMS system isn't always reliable and timely. The Chatter server brings itself back up if it's down for more than two minutes, and it's been weeks since I've had to intervene manually. Starting next month, our 99% uptime will be improved even more with a move to a new server host.

    Another point: One could easily argue that having one fewer servers in the loop (Chatter server vs. Verichat server + Sprint server) is likely to ENHANCE reliability, rather than diminish it, and that therefore Chatter, by its design, a more reliably system than Verichat's. But let's face it ... there is no such thing as perfect reliability on this kind of device.

    (Just after writing this, I noticed this thread ... How convenient!)

    I have no problem with you or anyone else buying Verichat, but your argument would lead me to conclude that every Verichat owner should also buy Chatter, wouldn't it??


    I was worried that some might take my comments as a dis on you and Chatter -- far from it! That's not what I meant at all. I wasn't suggesting Verichat is more professional or more stable in any shape or form (I don't think it is). I've had great experience with Chatter in the time I've used it, absolutely superior to Verichat.

    What I was trying to say was, and I think I phrased it quite badly, that if he's at all worried about the uptime of the Chatter server, he can also get another app as a backup, for greater piece of mind. I don't think it's necessary, but some might. Can you guarantee 100% uptime? Of course not, and I'm fine with that. That's why I was suggesting using Verichat as a BACKUP, not a replacement. For people using IM for mission-critical work, I think it's a fair thing to suggest, and no slight to Chatter at all. I would certainly not suggest the other way around, with Chatter as a backup to Verichat. For me, MSN service was up and down constantly with Verichat, and has been perfectly solid with Chatter. I haven't even touched Verichat now that I use Chatter. However, for a business user, the cost of each could be trivial.

    Kind of like having a nice car that you normally drive, and having a second crappy one "just in case". It's no slight to the nice car!

    I hope that makes more sense.
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    I didn't take it badly...

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    Just wanted to add another happy customer story. I was having problems using the french Orange SMTP server with Chatter, and Marc kept on sending me updated versions to try out. I'd return him the log file after each new version and he managed to nail the problem down last night (after sending me three new versions in less than one hour).

    I can't remember any other software developer being so helpful. Like the other beta testers on the 270 and 600 I'm allowed to use the software for free, but I'm going to send him the license fee anyway.
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    I also want to chime in on Marc's behalf.

    I used Verichat for a while, registered (My mother actually, who works for AOL, used Verichat until the palm AOL program stopped crashing her 300... I used the balance of her registered period on my 600). The only thing that I like more about Verichat is the interface... And that's probably just because I'm more comfortable with it. I've just started using Chatter primarly this week (Marc... I know I registered three weeks ago, but sorry )

    But I'm on board thus far...

    Keep up the good work!!
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    I'm one of the security and server administrators where I work.

    I'm on call every other weekend; though my wife sometimes tells me that's every day {:-:}.

    Chatter along with SnapperMail has allowed me to be able to provide our customers 15 minute or less response time.

    Plus the ability to seemlessly tie in various IM (AIM, MSN IM, Yahoo IM, et all) makes it a perfect support tool.

    Marc is responsive, friendly, and helpful.

    When I complained I'm not a PayPal fan, he said check was ok.

    Bottom line, Chatter works wonders.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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