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    Brightness even at the lowest setting is too bright for indoor use.

    Noticed that even there is a slider for this setting, actually there are only 4 levels of setting if we use 5 way nav pad.

    Is there any utility to set the brightness dimmer than the lowest level?
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    If there is, I want it too...but I am guessing the answer is no. Hope I'm wrong!!!
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    my solution -- go to prefs - general - change to a color scheme with darker background. this will have to do until somebody comes up with a hack
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    Have you tried option P?
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    Originally posted by NJ Dog Doc
    Have you tried option P?
    That will only let you change to the lowest brightness. What would be nice is ability to lower the brightness further.
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    No problem. Put on your sunglasses!!!
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    The solution is to use shaded plastic film.

    Like the screen protectors but shaded.
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    This is a funny thread.

    When the palm 505 first came out, everyone complained that it was too dim. "Not bright enough". So the pda makers have worked hard over the years to make their screens as bright ans clear as possible. Now it is "too bright".

    Just funny....
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    Whilst it is actually quite funny asking for a dimmer screen, I do wonder how much more battery life I could expect if I could drop the backlight level even further. Looking at my PowerBook G4 15", the lowest brightness setting but one (the lowest is completely black!) is quite useable but draws a lot less power.

    I'd not like to give up the brightest setting (that's the only thing which makes a transmissive screen legible enough in sunlight), I'd love to take the backlight all the way down to the lowest visible setting in the ambient light conditions, which means a lot lower than we can do now, even in fairly light conditions.

    Can anyone see a technical reason why this wouldn't be feasible?

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    Does the mlights application allow adjustment of the screen's brightness?

    Has anyone used mlights to address this?

    Here's something from:

    Q: What does mLights do?
    A: mLights enables your keyboard backlight to turn on automatically whenever you press a key or tap the screen. mLights can also keep the keyboard backlights off during the daylight, when you don't need it, increasing the battery lifetime.

    Back to top

    Q: Why do I need mLights on Treo 600 when it already turns the backlight on automatically whenever I press a key?
    A: You need mLights because of the Daylight Mode. This feature will disable keyboard backlight on Treo 600 during the daylight period, extending the battery lifetime and keeping you safe from annoying keyboard flashing that may occur when you don't need keyboard (e.g. when you use older PalmOS software, like some games, that do not support Treo keyboard).

    Additionally, you can change the daylight and night brightness level of your screen extending your battery lifetime even more by lowering the screen brightness at night or in dark environments.
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    Does mLights do what you're looking for? Or are you all asking for more options than what mLight provides?
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    never mind. missed the previous post.
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    Originally posted by Blue Merlin
    Does mLights do what you're looking for? Or are you all asking for more options than what mLight provides?
    No mLights is not capable of lowering brightness below what the slider or Option-P already provide.
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    I guess to set below the lowest setting might not be possible, as it will need hardware tweaking

    The range from low - high is defined by the hardware setting, the in-between setting is software controlled

    CMIIW ..

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