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    I have a treo 600 on Orange uk for sale less than a month old with all original accesories - slip case, usb cable, 32mb sd card, user manual, headset etc

    I would prefer to ship to uk only but if buyer is willing to pay the shipping will consider otherwise.

    Also have a 128mb sd card will sell with treo if the price is right.

    Make me offers pm or reply to this thread
    cheers mick
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    I would have politely informed you that there is a market place forum here...but you posted there too, which shows that you understand the way things are supposed to be done; alas, you are just rude in fact
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    Sorry but i didn't think everyone who may be interested would have seen it there as they may have entered the treo 600 forum to look for it.

    I guess that is my mistake i will make sure i won't do it again sorry to offend you

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    In Philly, we upgraded to 2500 plan 12/4, 2nd line free vision free, moble to moble free, however my son has sanyo $99 camera phone, I want a t600 badly. Anyone have ideas of getting one below retail price? I do not want to add a 3rd phone???

    Bob Shipman
    Congressional District Foundation, PA One
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    @ micktreo600
    fair enough

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