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    The Nokia n-gage has a set of 2 in 1 headseat/headphones combo. the catch is it has 2 plugs on it. both are 2.5mm. do you think these will work on the T600?
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    Good question, i would like to find a headset that will do both these functions.
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    Hmm... they look like the same headphones that came with the 5510, which I happen to have at home. Will check it out tonight.
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    I went to eb games and tried the headset. The mp3 part of it works great but the other part won't answer incoming calls when you press the little button. TO BAD.
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    True. I bought a set and just snipped off the other plug since it was useless. I'm not very thrilled with the sound quality either. There's very little bass, and the midrange isn't too hot either. These seem to be the standard earpieces that come Nokia phones, except you get two of them in a stereo configuration.

    Ideally, some audio manufacturer will make a good set of earphones with the 2.5mm jack, since I haven't heard great things about the Handspring set either.

    Ultimately, yes, the N-Gage set does work. Just don't expect great sound quality. Better than the included mono earpiece, but far from a decent set.

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